Kakameganula, Wesolowska, 2020

Wesołowska, Wanda, 2020, Kakameganula, a new name for the preoccupied Kakamega Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016 (Araneae: Salticidae), Zootaxa 4722 (5), pp. 500-500: 500

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4722.5.10

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Kakameganula  , a new name for the preoccupied Kakamega Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016 ( Araneae  : Salticidae  )


Department of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Taxonomy, Wrocław University, Przybyszewskiego 65, PL 51-148 Wrocław, Poland. Email: helena.wesolowska@uwr.edu.pl

Dawidowicz & Wesołowska (2016) proposed the jumping spider genus Kakamega for the type species Kakamega holmi Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016  , probably endemic to the Kakamega Forest of Kenya, a remnant of the Guineo-Con- golian tropical rainforest.

Unfortunately, this generic name is preoccupied by Mann, Burton & Lennerstedt (1978), who established the genus Kakamega for an African timaliid bird, with the type species Alethe poliothorax Reichenow, 1900  .

Thus, Kakamega Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016 is a junior homonym of Kakamega Mann, Burton & Lennerstedt, 1978. So, in accordance with Article 60 of the ICZN, I propose the new replacement name Kakameganula Wesołowska  , feminine in gender, for Kakamega Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016. This generic name is created by adding a new end- ing to the former version.

I am grateful to Peter Coxhead for the indication of this nomenclatural problem.

Summary of nomenclatural changes:

Kakameganula  nom. nov. pro Kakamega Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016.

Kakamega holmi Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016  = Kakameganula holmi ( Dawidowicz & Wesołowska, 2016)  comb. nov.