Wilson J. E. M. Costa, 2004, Simpsonichthys suzarti sp. n. (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): a new annual fish from the Rio Pardo floodplains, northeastern Brazil., Zootaxa 468, pp. 1-7: 2

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[[ Genus Simpsonichthys  ZBK  ]]

Simpsonichthys Carvalho  ZBK  is a speciose clade of South American killifishes, with a total of 40 species inhabiting seasonal pools of central, northeastern and southeastern Brazil and northern Paraguay (Costa, 1998, 2003). A subclade, here called S. constanciae species group  , is diagnosed by the lateral position of eye on the head and by a derived arrangement of supraorbital neuromasts (Costa, 2003), and is endemic to the coastal river basins of northeastern and southeastern Brazil. It comprises S. constanciae (Myers)  , S. bokermanni (de Carvalho and da Cruz)  , S. perpendicularis Costa, Nielsen and De Luca  ZBK  , and S. rosaceus Costa, Nielsen and De Luca  ZBK  . A fifth species of this assemblage is herein described.