Dissomphalus gilvipes Evans, 1979,

Colombo, Wesley D. & Azevedo, Celso O., 2016, Review of Dissomphalus Ashmead, 1893 (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae) from Espíri- to Santo, Brazil, with description of twenty-one new species, Zootaxa 4143 (1), pp. 1-84: 16-17

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Dissomphalus gilvipes Evans, 1979


Dissomphalus gilvipes Evans, 1979 

( Figs 66, 67View FIGURES 62 – 67)

Dissomphalus gilvipes Evans, 1979: 278  , 279, 283 (Ƌ, holotype from Colombia, FSCA, fig. 7); Gordh & Móczár, 1990: 222, Azevedo, 1999b: 929, 931–932; 2003: 22-23; Redighieri & Azevedo, 2004: 330; 2006: 309.

Diagnosis. Male. Dark castaneous. Mandible with four apical teeth. Clypeus wholly broadly projected toward, small tooth, median carina slightly high. Frons coriaceous. Vertex straight. Notaulus and parapsidal furrow complete, former very convergent posteriorly. T2 with pair of subcircular lateral depressions, each one with linear tuft of setae, being lateral one especially longer than others. Posterior hypopygeal margin straight, with small median callus. Genitalia: paramere very wide, apex as conical projection; aedeagal ventral ramus as long as dorsal body, laminar, apex blunt, oblique with outer corner sharpened; dorsal body with two pairs apical lobes, outer pair narrowing apically in dorsal and lateral view; inner pair somewhat stout, membranous setay. Female unknown.

Variations. T2 with depressions shallower, closest to each other and tubercle inconspicuous.

Remarks. Thirteen specimens of D. gilvipes  were registered from Espírito Santo (Azevedo, 2003; Redighieri & Azevedo, 2004; 2006), and we add more 42 new ones.

Material examined. Types : Holotype Ƌ, COLOMBIA, Dept. Valle, Central de Anchicaya, 30 km E Buenaventura, 560 m, 14–16 July 1975, R. Wilkerson, Malaise trap ( FSCA)  . Material revised: BRAZIL, Espírito Santo: 6Ƌ, Santa Teresa, Estação Biológica de Santa Lúcia , 30.I –23.VIII.2001, varredura C.O. Azevedo & R. Kawada col. ( UFES)  ; 3♂, Santa Teresa , Estação Biológica de Santa Lúcia, 19º58’S 40º32’W, 06-12.IV.2001, armadilha Malaise, C.O. Azevedo e eq[uipe] col. ( MZSP)GoogleMaps  . 2Ƌ, Cariacica, Reserva Biológica de Duas Bocas , floresta, 5–10.XII.1996, varredura Azevedo col. ( UFES)  . New material examined: BRAZIL, Espírito Santo: 2Ƌ, Santa Teresa, Estação Biológica de Santa Lúcia , 10.X.2002, varredura, Tavares, M.T., Oliveira {Azevedo}, C.O. & eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)  ; 14♂, Santa Maria de Jetibá, Fazenda Clarindo Krüger , 20º04’S 40º44’O, 29.XI –13.XII.2002, armadilha Malaise, [M.T.] Tavares, [C.O.] Azevedo e eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 2♂, Santa Maria de Jetibá, Fazenda Paulo Seick , 20º02’S 40º41’O, 29.XI-13.XII.2002, armadilha Malaise, [M.T.] Tavares, [C.O.] Azevedo e eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 5♂, Santa Leopoldina, Bragança  , 20º31’S 41º05’W, 8–15.X.2012, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 12♂, S[anta] Leopoldina, Alto  Rio das Farinhas, 20º08’S 40º36’W, 14– 24.V.2008, arm[adilha] Malaise, [C.] Waichert & [K.] Furieri col. (UFES); 1♂, Cariacica, Res [erva] Biol [ógica] Duas Bocas , Mata , [20°16’S 40°28’W], 26. VI.1997, varredura, H. Santos-Sa col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 3♂, Domingos Martins, Pico do Eldorado , 20º22’S 40º39’W, 26.XI –10.XII.2004, [armadilha] Malaise, [M.T.] Tavares & eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 1♂, Alfredo Chaves, Matilde, RPPN Oiutrem , 20º33’S 40º48’W, 14–21.X.2009, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & eq[uipe] col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 1♂, Divino de São Lourenço, Parque Nacional Caparaó  , 20º24’S 41º47’W, 15–22.III.2013, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & F.B. Fraga col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  ; 1♂, Ibitirama, Parque Nacional Caparaó  , 20º27’S 41º44’W, 16–23.III.2013, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & F.B. Fraga col. ( UFES)GoogleMaps  .

Distribution. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil (Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Alagoas, Sergipe, Mato Grosso, Distrito Federal, Espírito Santo, São Paulo and Paraná) and Bolivia.


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo














Dissomphalus gilvipes Evans, 1979

Colombo, Wesley D. & Azevedo, Celso O. 2016

Dissomphalus gilvipes

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