Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969

Lima, Lucas R. C. & Boldrini, Rafael, 2017, New distributional records and life stage description of Caenis species (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4276 (2), pp. 285-292 : 286

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4276.2.10

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Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969


Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969 View in CoL

( Figs. 1 View FIGURES 1 – 3 , 4–5 View FIGURES 4 – 7 )

Caenis View in CoL sp. Demoulin 1955: 4 (nymph)

Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969: 104 View in CoL (female imago, nymph); Hubbard, 1982a: 261; Da-Silva, 1993: 413 (male imago); Salles et al., 2010: 304 (nymph); Shimano et al., 2011: 245 (nymph); Lima et al., 2015: 3 (nymph). Caenis View in CoL ? cuniana Malzacher, 1986: 94 View in CoL (nymph).

Egg. Length: 94–126 µm; width: 77–91 µm. Coloration light yellow. Oval shaped with length 1.2–1.4 maximum width. Chorion surface smooth with polygonal imprints of follicle cells as in Fig. 4 View FIGURES 4 – 7 . One coiled polar cap with about ten terminal knobs ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 4 – 7 ), and positioned around the main axis. Micropyle funnel-shaped, very short, with a small sperm guide ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 4 – 7 ).

Distribution. Brazil: States of Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. New record: Roraima State.

Material examined. Eight imagos (five females and three males), Brazil, Roraima State, Boa Vista county , Rio Cauamé , Campus Cauamé da Universidade Federal de Roraima, 2°51’46 N/ 60°42’53” W, 09.vii.2016; Boldrini, R. coll. One female imago (reared) and two nymphs, Brazil, Roraima State, Cantá county , Serra Grande II, 2°32’N / 60°46’W; Boldrini, R. and Salles, F.F. cols. GoogleMaps

Comments. Caenis cuniana has been described from imagos of both sexes, nymphs and eggs ( Froehlich 1969; Da-Silva 1993) and is characterized by the male genitalia with strong, sclerotized, and apically pointed forceps, and nymphs with large denticles on fore and middle tarsal claws. In the original description, the eggs were only superficially described by Froehlich (1969) without pictures or SEM images. Froehlich (1969) reported polar cap either at one or at both poles. However, in our material we observe only single-capped eggs ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 4 – 7 ). This mix of single- and double-capped eggs also exist in the North American species C. anceps Traver, 1935 and C. hilaris (Say, 1839) . This record of C. cuniana is the second from the Amazon River Basin (Northern Brazil) with the first by Malzacher (1986).














Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969

Lima, Lucas R. C. & Boldrini, Rafael 2017

Caenis cuniana

Lima 2015: 3
Shimano 2011: 245
Salles 2010: 304
Da-Silva 1993: 413
Malzacher 1986: 94
Hubbard 1982: 261
Froehlich 1969: 104


Demoulin 1955: 4
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