Hypsibius dujardini ( Doyere , 1840), Doyere, 1840

Zawierucha, Krzysztof, Dziamiecki, Jakub, Jakubowska, Natalia, Michalczyk, Lukasz & Kaczmarek, Lukasz, 2014, New tardigrade records for the Baltic states with a description of Minibiotus formosus sp. n. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae), ZooKeys 408, pp. 81-105: 86

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Hypsibius dujardini ( Doyere , 1840)


Hypsibius dujardini ( Doyere, 1840)  

Localities and specimen numbers.

XIV: 2 specimens (including 1 simplex), XV: 5 specimens.


Hypsibius dujardini   belongs to the cosmopolitan convergens-dujardini complex of species ( McInnes 1994, Miller et al. 2005, Kaczmarek and Michalczyk 2009a, Kaczmarek et al. 2014a), and used to be considered cosmopolitan, but it is most likely a complex of similar (possibly cryptic) species found throughout the world. Due to the limited original description, Hypsibius dujardini   needs a modern redescription. Nevertheless, the examined specimens correspond perfectly with the original description and the Hypsibius dujardini   characteristics reviewed by Miller et al. (2005).