Howickia wilsoni (Richards)

Kuwahara, Gregory K. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2022, A revision of the Australian species of Howickia Richards (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae: Limosininae), Zootaxa 5192 (1), pp. 1-152 : 90-92

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5192.1.1

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Howickia wilsoni (Richards)


Howickia wilsoni (Richards) View in CoL

( Figs. 3.21 View FIGURES 3.1–3.22 , 24.1–24.3 View FIGURES 24.1–24.3 )

Leptocera (Biroina) wilsoni Richards, 1973: 343 View in CoL .

Biroina wilsoni (Richards) View in CoL , Marshall, 1989: 602; Roháček et al., 2001: 126.

Howickia wilsoni (Richards) View in CoL , Marshall et al., 2014.

Description. Body length: Females 1.8–2.0 mm (based on holotype photo and Richards’ description).

Head: Black, lower third of frons orange, orbital plates, interfrontal plates and upper half of frontal vitta black; frontal vitta, interfrontal plates, and orbital plates with pale microtrichia; gena black; antenna brown. Frontal width 2.2x interfrontal height. Three pairs of moderate interfrontal bristles; 2 lateroclinate orbital bristles, anterior bristle 0.7x length of posterior bristle. Gena with strong upcurved bristle and 4–5 smaller setae, finely striate, shiny, lower half microtrichose; vibrissal angle with 2 subvibrissal setae. Face normal; palpus triangular with 2 large apical setae. Eye height 2.9x genal height.

Thorax: Black; scutum shiny despite brown microtrichia, posterolateral edge brownish and with pale spot on posterior notopleural lobe; anepimeron with lighter posteroventral spot. Two pairs of dorsocentral bristles (anterior pair 0.5x length of posterior pair); 7–8 rows of short, stout acrostichal setulae. Prosternum narrow, linear, posteriorly expanded. Scutellum microtrichose, subtriangular, its length 0.7x its width; 4 scutellar bristles long, apical pair 2.0x length of basal pair.

Legs: Dark brown, tibiae lighter than femora, proximally and distally pale; tarsi brownish. Male mid tibia with a stout apicoventral bristle and 2 short rows of stout ventral setae, mid femur with 2 corresponding rows of strong proximoventral setae. Basal half of mid tibia with 4 dorsal bristles (2 anterodorsal and 2 posterodorsal), distal half with 3 dorsal bristles (2 anterodorsal and 1 posterodorsal).

Wing/halter: Strongly infuscate. CS2 subequal to CS3. R 2+3 strongly sinuate, distal curve stronger than basal curve, meeting costa at an angle of 80˚; R 4+5 upcurved, meeting costa well before wing tip; costa extending far past R 4+5 (6x costal width). Halter pale; knob white; stem pale brown.

Male abdomen: Male abdomen unknown (male type only a leg and wing).

Female abdomen: Black, shiny despite brown microtrichia. T2–5 and S2–5 heavily sclerotized, uniformly long-setose with longer setae along posterolateral corners; pleural membrane with sparse setae. Cercus black, subtriangular with 1 long sinuate apical seta and 3–4 shorter setae. Other details of the female terminalia are not visible on the holotype, which is the only known female.

Type material. Holotype: AUSTRALIA: New South Wales: Blue Mountains, Mount Wilson , 3.vii.1961, D.K. McAlpine (♀, AMSA) . Holotype photos provided by Natalie Tees, AMSA .

Paratype: AUSTRALIA: New South Wales: Blue Mountains, Mount Wilson , 2.viii.1958, D.K. McAlpine (1 ♂ fragment, AMSA) . Paratype photos provided by Natalie Tees, AMSA .

Material examined. Holotype and paratype photos only.

Comments. The redescription here is based on Richards’ (1973) description supplemented with examination of type photos. Only a wing and two legs remain of the male paratype. According to Richards (1973), this species is externally similar to H. percostata but R 2+3 is more strongly sinuate, R 4+5 is more strongly upcurved and meets the costa well before the wing tip, and M 1+2 (M 1) and M 3+4 (CuA) are more widely separated from the wing margin.














Howickia wilsoni (Richards)

Kuwahara, Gregory K. & Marshall, Stephen A. 2022

Biroina wilsoni (Richards)

Rohacek, J. & Marshall, S. A. & Norrbom, A. L. & Buck, M. & Quiros, D. I. & Smith, I. 2001: 126
Marshall, S. A. 1989: 602

Leptocera (Biroina) wilsoni

Richards, O. W. 1973: 343
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