Bulbophyllum jackyi, Fischer & Sieder & Cribb & Kiehn, 2007

Fischer, Gunter A., Sieder, Anton, Cribb, Phillip J. & Kiehn, Michael, 2007, Description of two new species and one new section of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) from Madagascar, Adansonia (3) 29 (1), pp. 19-25 : 22-24

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Bulbophyllum jackyi


Bulbophyllum jackyi

G.A.Fischer, Sieder & P.J.Cribb, sp. nov. ( Fig. 2 View FIG )

In sectione Ploiario Schltr. ponenda sed pseudobulbis unifoliis, inflorescentia nonnihil conica nutanti, bracteis convexis late ovatis erosis flores occultantibus, labello carnoso late ovato papilloso et sepalis lateralibus intus papillosis et extus late alatis.

TYPUS. — Madagascar. Fianarantsoa, Farafangana, Iabomary shortly before Mahabo-Mananivo , Mahabo forest , 36 m, 23°10’55’’S, 47°42’31’’E, 14.XI.2002, Fischer, Sieder & Andriantiana FS 868 (holo-, GoogleMaps PBZT!; iso-, WU!).


Roots borne along the rhizome and below the pseudobulbs. Rhizome creeping, subulate, 3 mm in diam., sections between pseudobulbs 30-50 mm long, rhizome scales present. Pseudobulbs distantly spaced, orbicular, 8-10 × 10-12 mm, unifoliate. Petiole absent – leaf sessile. Leaf blade obovate, 40- 60 mm long × 25-38 mm wide, obtuse to emarginate. Inflorescence a short raceme, 25-38 mm long, 10- to 15-flowered. Peduncle 22-25 mm long, with 4 bracts. Rhachis, thickened, fleshy, 10-13 mm long, 6-8 mm in diam. Floral bracts 4, acute-obtuse, 7- 9 mm long. Flowers entirely dark purple. Pedicel and ovary 3-5 mm long. Median sepal ovate, 6-8 × 4-5 mm; mucronate, margins papillose, inner surface very papillose, base broadly attached; fleshy, 3-veined. Lateral sepals fused to a cap-like structure, recurved, covering all flower parts, 18 × 18 mm (both lateral sepals), acute; margins entire, base broadly attached; fleshy, 3-veined, glabrous except the inner part of the fused sepals around the lip, which is very papillose. Petals ovate, 1-2.2 mm, lower margins ciliate, fleshy, 1-veined. Lip recurved at 1/3 of its length, ovate, surface papillose, thick, fleshy. Column winged, 4- 5 mm long. Stelidia triangular, acute with a small acute tooth along the upper margin. Anther surface slightly papillose. Pollinia 4, ovoid, the inner 2/3 as long as the outer.


Epiphyte growing in lowland heath forest on white sand.


Endemic in East Madagascar.


The plant is named after Jacky Andriantiana, coworker at several field trips and specialist for the orchids of Madagascar.


Bulbophyllum jackyi is only known from one locality which is under heavy pressure through forest clearing activities of local people; the surrounding forest already having been cleared. Therefore the species must be considered as Critically Endan- gered (CR B1a+b (iii)) according to the IUCN (2001) criteria.


Bulbophyllum jackyi fits morphologically and phylogenetically into section Ploiarium but differs from other species in the section in having unifoliate pseudobulbs, very short inflorescences, broad, erose bracts that enclose the flowers, a broadly ovate, papillose, fleshy lip and distinctive broadly winged lateral sepals that are papillose within.