Chileria colla Carvalho and Carpintero

Forero, Dimitri, 2009, Description of One New Species of Chileria and Three New Species of Orthotylus, with Nomenclatural and Distributional Notes on Neotropical Orthotylinae (Heteroptera: Miridae: Orthotylini), American Museum Novitates 3642, pp. 1-50 : 21

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Chileria colla Carvalho and Carpintero


Chileria colla Carvalho and Carpintero View in CoL

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Chileria colla Carvalho and Carpintero, 1991: 33 View in CoL [n. sp.]; Schuh, 1995: 97 [catalog].

DIAGNOSIS (fig. 7): Recognized by the erect, spinelike anterior process on the right margin of the aperture of the genital capsule; posterior process of the right margin of the aperture directed medially, with small spines; left margin of aperture with anterior process simple, directed laterally, and posterior process slightly denticulate, directed laterally and longer than anterior process; vesica with apical ramus with the two portions apically expanded, dorsal portion long, slightly longer than ventral portion; anteriorly directed ramus of vesica with shorter (lateral) portion from strongly serrate to nearly bifurcate.

Chileria colla is very similar in dorsal coloration (fig. 1) and vesica structure (fig. 7) to the new species Ch. andina . Chileria colla can be distinguished from Ch. andina by the shape of the anterior right tergal process of the aperture of the genital capsule, which is a simple, erect spine (fig. 7), whereas in Ch. andina this tergal process is transversely elongate and serrate (fig. 6). The tergal processes of the left margin are similar, but in Ch. colla the anterior process is directed laterally (fig. 7), whereas in Ch. andina this process is directed dorsally (fig. 6). The structure of the vesica is also similar in the two species but in Ch. colla the dorsal portion of the apical rami is much longer (fig. 7) than in Ch. andina (fig. 6).

DISTRIBUTION: Chileria colla is distributed from Bolivia to northern Argentina (Salta) (fig. 9). Bolivia is a new country record for this species.

HOSTS: Not known for this species.

DISCUSSION: The examined paratype is topotypic with the holotype ( Carvalho and Carpintero, 1991). This paratype has the longer (medial) portion of the anteriorly directed ramus (fig. 7, black arrow) slightly turned caudad. Another one of the male paratypes from the same locality has its genitalia dissected and glued to a card, in which the same portion of the ramus is directed cephalad (fig. 7, dotted line). The Bolivian specimens examined also have this ramus directed cephalad, but the right portion of the posteriorly directed rami is serrate, not bifurcate as in the Argentinean paratype examined (fig. 7, gray arrow). I consider these differences intraspecific variations because of the same structure of the tergal processes on the genital capsule (fig. 7).

PARATYPES: ARGENTINA: Salta: El Alisal, [24.85 ° S 65.6833 ° W], Jan 1990, Carpintero GoogleMaps , Paratype Chileria colla Carvalho det. 1990, (on same pin four specimens) 33 ( AMNH _ PBI 00106841 View Materials , AMNH _ PBI 00107623 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00107624 View Materials ) , 1♀ ( AMNH _ PBI 00107625 View Materials ) ( USNM) .

OTHER SPECIMENS EXAMINED: ARGEN- TINA: Salta: Tacuil , 25.51666 ° S 66.41667 ° W, 23 Jan 1968 – 27 Jan 1968, Golbach, Teran, Willink, 13 ( AMNH _ PBI 00185726 View Materials ) ( USNM) GoogleMaps . BOLIVIA: Chuquisaca: Sucre, Salancachi , 19.18333 ° S 65.23333 ° W, 23 Feb 1976, L. E. Peña, 33 ( AMNH _ PBI 00185680 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00185682 View Materials ), 1♀ ( AMNH _ PBI 00185684 View Materials ) ( AMNH) GoogleMaps ; 93 ( AMNH _ PBI 00185675 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00185679 View Materials , AMNH _ PBI 00191149 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00191152 View Materials ), 2♀ ( AMNH _ PBI 00185683 View Materials , AMNH _ PBI 00191153 View Materials ) ( USNM) . La Paz: Inquisivi, Yungas , 16.91492 ° S 67.15061 ° W, 05 Dec 1984, L. E. Peña, 53 ( AMNH _ PBI 00190951 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00190955 View Materials ), 6♀ ( AMNH _ PBI 00190956 View Materials – AMNH _ PBI 00190961 View Materials ) ( USNM) GoogleMaps .


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Chileria colla Carvalho and Carpintero

Forero, Dimitri 2009

Chileria colla

Schuh, R. T. 1995: 97
Carvalho, J. C. M. & D. L. Carpintero 1991: 33
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