Agrimonia eupatoria subsp. eupatoria

I. Klášterský, 1968, 10. Rosa L., Flora Europaea, Volume 2, Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, Cambrdige: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-42: 32

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.47067

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Agrimonia eupatoria subsp. eupatoria


(a) Subsp. eupatoria   :

Plants with rosette 15-40 cm, those without rosette up to 150 cm; not villous, except occasionally the tallest plants. Leaflets broadly obovate and coarsely crenulate to elliptical and serrate; glandular hairs concealed by the tomentum. Hypanthium (including bristles) 7-10x5-7 mm, grooved throughout its length; disc scarcely projecting; lowest bristles ascending or patent. 2n = 28. Throughout the range of the species, except Azores.