Trogolaphysa riopedrensis (Mari Mutt, 1988),

Soto-Adames, Felipe N. & Taylor, Steven J., 2013, The dorsal chaetotaxy of Trogolaphysa (Collembola, Paronellidae), with descriptions of two new species from caves in Belize, ZooKeys 323, pp. 35-74: 55-56

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Trogolaphysa riopedrensis (Mari Mutt, 1988)


Trogolaphysa riopedrensis (Mari Mutt, 1988)  Fig. 57-60

Material examined.

Puerto Rico, Aguadilla, Caimital Alto, Villa Grajales, 18.44058°N, 67.11840°W, moist mown lawn, 9.VII.1999, F. Soto (1 specimen); USA Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, 18.35348°N, 64.93520°W, wet leaf litter, patch of forest along Rd. 33 near intersection with Rd. 40, 28.VI.2000, F. Soto (1 specimen).

Additions to the original description.

Head. Dorsal chaetotaxy as in Fig. 57: macrochaetae A0, (A2), A3, S3, S5, Pa5 and Pm3 present. Postlabium with all setae ciliate; columns ICELO with 41232; posterior setae on column C detached from anterior group.

Body. Mesothorax as in Trogolaphysa jataca  (Fig. 53). Metathorax as in (Fig. 58). Abd. 1 with 1 anterior (a6) and 4 posterior setae (Fig. 59). Abd. 2 and 3 as in Trogolaphysa giordanoae  sp. n. (Figs 15, 16). Abd. 4 as in Fig. 60: inner macrochaetae A4, A5, B4, B5 and B6 present; outer macrochaetae D3, E2, E3, F1, F2, F3, Fe3 present; at least one other outer macrochaeta present. Posterior setae 17+17. Intersegmental membrane between Abd. 4-5 with 4-6 lenticular organs (Fig. 60).

Ventral tube. Anterior face with 4+4 distal macrochaetae.

Remarks: The individual from St. Thomas lacks head macrochaetae A2. In the individual from Aguadilla the dorsal and outer teeth of the unguis end on the basal fourth of the claw instead of the distal half.