Pararticerus latus (Raffray, 1910)

Hlavác, Peter, 2007, Revision of the subtribe Clavigerodina and an annotated catalogue of South African Clavigeritae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae), African Invertebrates 48 (2), pp. 65-92 : 82

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Pararticerus latus (Raffray, 1910)


Pararticerus latus (Raffray, 1910) View in CoL

Figs 6 View Figs 1–8 , 39

Articerodes latus: Raffray 1910: 421 View in CoL .

Fustigerodes andreaei Wasmann, 1925: 237 View in CoL ; Coulon 1983: 288 (synonymy).

Pararticerus latus (Raffray) View in CoL : Jeannel 1955: 179; 1964: 206, figs 301, 302.

Differential diagnosis: This species can be separated easily from P. ruthae View in CoL sp. n. by the presence of a single small, sharp spine on the mesofemora, and by a different, more distant location of the apical spur of the mesotibia, as well as by the different form of the aedeagus (Coulon 1983: 288, fig. 2).

Description: Body reddish brown, elytra lighter, about 1.7–1.9 mm long and 0.8–0.9 mm wide, head about 1.1–1.15 times as long as wide and about as long as pronotum, with rough reticulate surface, tempora slightly convergent; terminal antennomere conical, 4.25–4.45 times as long as wide at apex and 3.55–3.9 times as long as III; pronotum about 1.10–1.25 times as wide as long, with about 8 macrosetae on sides, longitudinal sulcus shallow but well-defined, borne in large median antebasal fovea; elytra shiny, with 8 or 9 elongate lines formed from suberect setae; abdomen shiny, with minuscule, sparse setation; mesofemora with single, small and sharp spine, mesotibiae with spur in apical third.

Material examined: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: 5ơ 16^‘ Natal Midlands, Northington [Nottingham], 1420 m, 29.28°S: 30.01°E [29°28'S: 30°01'E] / 12.xii.1989, E-Y: 2764, sifted forest litter, Endrödy & Klimaszew [ski]’ ( TMSA, CPH) GoogleMaps ; 1^‘ Natal Midlands, Karkloof for[est]. 1300 m, 29.18°S: 30.13°E [29°18'S: 30°13'E] / 5.xii.1989, E-Y:2745, sifted forest litter, Endrödy & Klimaszewski’ ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1^‘ S Natal, Weza, Ingeni forest , 30.32°S: 29.41°E [30°32'S: 29°41'E] / 28.viii.1989, E-Y:2672, litter under bushes, Endrödy & Klimaszewski / ground traps with faeces bait’ ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1^‘ S Natal, Weza, Impetyene forest , 30.37°S: 29.42°E [30°37'S:29°42] / 16.xi.1989, E-Y: 2682, forest floor litter, Endrödy & Klimaszewski’ ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1^‘S Natal, Weza, Impetyene grassveld, 30.37°S: 29.42°E [30°37'S: 29°42'E] / 16.xi.1989, E-Y: 2680, intercept trap, 12 day, Endrödy & Klimaszewski’ ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1ơ ‘S Natal, Weza, Impetyene grassveld, 30.37°S: 29.42°E [30°37'S: 29°42'E] / 25.xi.1989, E-Y: 2717, flowering grassveld, Endrödy & Klimaszewski’ ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 2ơ 2^‘ KwaZulu-Natal, Ntendeka Wilderness Area, Ngomi [Ngome] Forest , 27.51°S: 31.23°E [27°51'S: 31°23'E], 24–27.xi.2006, J. Janák lgt.’ ( CPH) GoogleMaps ; Eastern Cape: 2ơ ‘ Cape, Amatole, Isidenge For. St. , 32.41°S: 27.15°E [32°41'S: 27°15'E] / 18.xi.1987, E-Y: 2524, grass tussocks, leg. Endrödy-Younga’ ( TMSA, CPH) GoogleMaps .


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Pararticerus latus (Raffray, 1910)

Hlavác, Peter 2007

Pararticerus latus (Raffray)

JEANNEL, R. 1955: 179
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