Lestes debellardi,

DeMarmels, Jurg, 1992, Dragonflies (Odonata) From The Sierras Of Tapirapeco And Unturan, In The Extreme South Of Venezuela, Acta Biologica Venezuelica 14 (1), pp. 57-78: 60-61

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Lestes debellardi

sp. n.

Lestes debellardi  sp. n.

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Male (holotype). Venezuela, Amazonas State, upper Rio Mavaca, 160 m, 02°02'10" N, 65°06'- 50"W, 1-6 Mar 1989, J. DeMarmels legGoogleMaps  .

Material (3♂, including holotype and paratypes). 1♂. paratype, km 85 road El Dorado - Santa Elena de Uairen, Bolivar , 1-3 Nov 1982, E. Rubio & T. Borrego leg.  : 1♂, paratype, km 33 (same road), 22 May 1985, F. Fernandez leg  .

Male (holotype). Labium and rear of head pale, labrum and mandibles sky blue, top of head black with a metallic green luster. Compound eyes (in life) blue above, yellow green below, Pronotum laterally blue, dorsally predominantly brown. Mesepisternum brassy black (brown along median carina), with a strongly obscured green stripe along humeral suture, this stripe less than half as broad as dark portion of mesepisternum. Thorax laterally sky blue, pectoral color pattern as in Fig. 15View plate III. Coxae blue. femora brown with a black external line; tibiae pale blue externally, creamy internally with black longitudinal line. Wings hyaline. venation black, pterostigma dark brown. Three wings with 13 px, left hind wing 14. R3 branching between third and fourth px (fore wings), between second and third (hind wings). Abdomen dorsally brassy black, segments 1-4 and 8 laterally sky blue; segments 3-7 with basal ring of same color, otherwise brown laterally. Segment 9 black with a characteristic pruinescent white basal mark on top; segment 10 black. Anal appendages black, the superiors without in · ternal basal spine; inferiors about half as long as superiors, in their apical portion wiht a brush of stiff yellow hairs ( Figs. 16-17View plate III).

Measurements. Total length (excl. anal appendages) 46.6; abdomen (excl. app.) 37.0; anal appendages 1.4; hind wing 24.5.

The paratypes are similar to the holotype, but with their color less well preserved. Fore wings with 12-15 px, hind wings with 12-14. R, branching slightly before to considerably after fourth px. Size similar, the male from km 33 some· what smaller (total length 44). Penis of this male illustrated in Figs. 18 and 19View plate III.

Female. Unknown

Remarks. Lestes debellardi  is similar to L. pictus Hagen in Selys  and L. falcifer Sjostedt.  The latter two have, however, differently shaped inferior appendages and a diverging color pattern. The holotype was taken in the forest, away from water, together with some L. falcifer  . I dedicate this species to Dr. Eugenio de Bellard Pietri, Caracas, the organizer of the expedition. who allowed me to take part in it.