Chalcopteryx scintillans McLachlan, 1870

DeMarmels, Jurg, 1992, Dragonflies (Odonata) From The Sierras Of Tapirapeco And Unturan, In The Extreme South Of Venezuela, Acta Biologica Venezuelica 14 (1), pp. 57-78: 59

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Chalcopteryx scintillans McLachlan, 1870


Chalcopteryx scintillans McLachlan, 1870  

Figure 7 View Plate II (larva)

Material. 8 ♂, 3 ♀; 1 ♀ larva (ultimate instar exuviae), Unturan. GoogleMaps  

Larva.- Uniformly brown and hardly distinguishable in its general appearance from larvae of Chalcothore   montgomeryi (Racenis)   described by DeMarmels (1988). The caudal gills, presumably those structures of most diagnostic value, are, however, lost. Labium narrower than in Ch. montgomeryi   ; ovipositor surpassing end of segment 10 by one third of its length (less than one third in Ch. montgomeryi   ). Wing sheaths reaching end of segment 6 (end of segment 5 in Ch. montgomeryi   ). The latter two characters are usually subject to a high degree of variability. The figures of the larva of Chalcopteryx rutilans (Rambur)   in SANTOS & COSTA (1987) are too generalized as to allow any comparison with Ch. scintillans   .

Measurements. Total length (excl. caudal gills) 8.6; hind femur 2.6; hind tibia 3.0.