Idarcturus Barnard, 1914

Kim, Sung Hoon & Yoon, Seong Myeong, 2021, Four new species of isopods (Crustacea, Isopoda) from South Korea, ZooKeys 1010, pp. 133-164: 133

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Idarcturus Barnard, 1914


Genus Idarcturus Barnard, 1914  

Type species.

Idarcturus platysoma   Barnard, 1914, by monotype.


Body not or slightly geniculate, moderately flattened dorsoventrally in female, whereas cylindrical in male; pereonite IV longer than other pereonites, but not markedly elongate in both sexes, < 2 × longer than pereonites II and III combined. Pereopod I carpus with serrated setae on inferior margin; propodus with serrated setae and comb setae on palmar surface and inferior margin; dactylus with comb setae distally; unguis lacking. Pereopods II-IV lacking flexion between carpus and propodus; dactylus claw-like. Pleopod I, exopod with fine setae subbasally or mesally.