Cardiacephala cinnameus ( Hennig, 1935 ), Ferro & Marshall, 2018

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A., 2018, A revision of the Neotropical ant-like genus Cardiacephala Macquart, including Plocoscelus Enderlein syn. nov. (Diptera: Micropezidae, Taeniapterinae), Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 401-458: 423-424

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Cardiacephala cinnameus ( Hennig, 1935 )

new combination

Cardiacephala cinnameus ( Hennig, 1935)   new combination

( Figs. 30–32 View FIGURES 30–32 )

Plocoscelus cinnameus Hennig, 1935: 50   .

Description: Body length 7 mm, wing 4 mm. Palpus mostly brown, white on outer face. Clypeus yellow with pale microsetulae mainly laterally, shiny. First flagellomere brown, covered by pale microsetulae. Fronto-orbital plate brown. Row of katepisternal setae brownish, some of them shining gold. Fore tibia dark brown. Fore tarsus one dark brown, 2–5 white. T3 and T4 dark brown. Oviscape yellow and shiny. Epandrium yellow.

Head: Palpus broadened basally and gradually tapering to apex. Clypeus short, length less than half of width. Three frontal setae. Frontal vitta slightly prominent, shiny. Epicephalon with golden pruinosity. Vertex flattened and slightly pronounced posteriorly, triangular. Inner vertical seta insertion flat, without tubercle. Paracephalon slightly swollen, swelling rounded. Line of black supracervical setae strong.

Thorax: Mesonotum golden pruinose with lines of small pale microsetulae sublaterally. Scutellum upturned, triangular. Femora with black microsetulae, some of them shinning gold. Mid and hind tibia flattened, but sulcus on outer face weak. Wing with stigmatal and discal bands, apex entirely dark. Crossvein r-m with dark spot. R4+5 and M1+2 ending separately in wing margin. A1+CuA2 as long as CuA2. Female cervical sclerite smooth, without swelling.

Abdomen: Tergites covered by sparse yellowish setulae. Female abdomen: Single spermathecal duct apically broad, ending in a cylindrical spermatheca. Paired spermathecal duct divided into a narrow basal half and a broader distal half. Paired spermathecal duct stems strongly convoluted, apical half slightly broader ( Fig. 31 View FIGURES 30–32 ). Paired spermathecae cylindrical, strongly curved in the middle. Male abdomen: Ejaculatory apodeme bigger than epandrium and with a broad blade, wider than sperm pump. Hypandrium broad, exceeding epandrium length. Phallapodeme extending to anterior limit of hypandrium. Distiphallus long, longer than epandrium and with a phallic bulb subequal in length and width. Distal distiphallus long and convoluted ( Fig. 32 View FIGURES 30–32 ).

Type material: Holotype (1 ♀, SMTD, only images examined): BOLIVIA. Mapiri, Sarampioni, 700 m, coll. W. Schnuse, 1911 (white label). Since the abdomen is missing, sex determination was based on the original description.

Material examined: BOLIVIA, Heath River, Wildlife Centre, Yellow pans. 5.V.2000, Paiero & Kits (2 ♀, DEBU); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, 12º40’ S 68º42’ W, 28.IV –11.V.2007 (1 ♀, DEBU, sequence DEBUA 282–17); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, 12º40’ S 68º42’ W, 28.IV –11.V.2007, S. A. Marshall (3 ♀, 2 ♂, DEBU 00282045, DEBU 00282068, DEBU 00282124, DEBU 00282204, DEBU 00282224); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, 12º40’ S 68º42’ W, 28.IV –11.V.2007, S. M. Paiero (2 ♂, DEBU 00281740, DEBU 00281741); BRAZIL. Amazonas, Manaus. R. Ducke, Malaise trap, 5–16.VIII.1994, F. Xavier (1 ♀, INPA); Amazonas, Manaus, R. Ducke, 9.IX.1986, L. S. Aquino & U. Barbosa (1 ♀, INPA); Pará, Tucuruí, R. Tocantins prox. cid. Muru, 26.III.1981 (1 ♀, INPA); Pará, Tucuruí, Ig. Água Fria, 035052S-494704W, malaise trap, 2.XII.2001, J. A. Rafael & J. Vidal (1 ♀, DEBU 01086316, INPA); Rondonia, Porto Velho, AHE Jirau, Rio Madeira, 9º35’29” S 65º2’57.6” W, Malaise, 9º camp. T5 e T7, 4–17.I.2012, W. F. Dáttilo & G. R. Mazão (1 ♀, DZUP); Rondonia, Ouro Preto do Oeste, Reserva INPA, Malaise trap, 6–12.VII.1995, J. A. Rafael & J. Vidal (1 ♂, INPA) COLOMBIA. Amazonas, Amacayacu Natl. Pk., San Martin, 150 m, malaise trap, 20–27.III.2000, A. Parente (1 ♂, DEBU 00138448, IAVH); Caquetá, PNN Chiribiquete Rio Cuñare, 0º30’ N, 72º37’50” W, 300 m. 1– 5.XI.2000, E. Gonzalez & M. Ospina (1 ♂, IAVH); FRENCH GUIANA. Cayenne, Comm. Regina, Kaw Mt., Relais de Patawa, 4º33’N 52º10’W, 300m, malaise, I.2006, J. A. Cerda (1 ♀, DEBU 00280290); PERU. Madre De

Dios, Los Amigos Biol. Stn. Treefall pans, 2–14.VI.2006, Paiero & Klymko (3 ♀, DEBU 00281444, DEBU 00281446, DEBU 00281469).

Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Peru.


Ontario Insect Collection, University of Guelph


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt


Universit� di Perugia














Cardiacephala cinnameus ( Hennig, 1935 )

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A. 2018

Plocoscelus cinnameus

Hennig, W. 1935: 50