Cardiacephala brevipennis ( Walker, 1852 ), Ferro & Marshall, 2018

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A., 2018, A revision of the Neotropical ant-like genus Cardiacephala Macquart, including Plocoscelus Enderlein syn. nov. (Diptera: Micropezidae, Taeniapterinae), Zootaxa 4429 (3), pp. 401-458: 418-420

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Cardiacephala brevipennis ( Walker, 1852 )

new combination

Cardiacephala brevipennis ( Walker, 1852)   new combination

( Figs. 20–23 View FIGURES 20–23 )

Calobata brevipennis Walker, 1852: 389   .

Plocoscelus brevipennis (Walker)   , Enderlein 1922: 227.

Description: Body length 8 mm, wing 5 mm. Palpus dark brown. Clypeus dark brown, shiny and with pale microsetulae. First flagellomere black. Fronto-orbital plates and frontal vitta dark brown. Epicephalon black. Row of katepisternal setae brownish, some of them shiny gold. Fore leg dark brown. Mid and hind femora white at basal third and yellowish at the apical third. Fore tarsus dark brown with gold/whitish pubescence ventrally at base of tarsomere one. Oviscape black, apex yellowish. Epandrium dark yellow.

Head: Palpus broadened basally and gradually tapering to apex. Clypeus short, length less than half of width. Frontal vitta with a narrowed depression centrally, reaching ocellar triangle. Two frontal setae. Vertex flattened. Paracephalon smooth, without swelling (not extending beyond the vertex). Inner vertical seta insertion flat, without tubercle. Line of black supracervical setae absent.

Thorax: Mesonotum with golden pruinosity. Scutellum upturned, triangular. Femora with sparse black setulae. Mid and hind tibia flattened, but sulcus on outer face weak. Wing with stigmatal and discal bands, apex clear with a dark and narrow preapical pigmentation. Crossvein r-m with small dark spot. R4+5 and M1+2 meeting at the wing margin. A1+CuA2 as long as CuA2. Female cervical sclerite smooth, without swelling.

Abdomen: T1–T4 with sparse brownish setulae. T5 and T6 with pale setulae. Female abdomen: Oviscape with pale and dispersed microsetulae. Single spermathecal duct (slightly damaged in Fig. 21 View FIGURES 20–23 ) apically broad, ending in a cylindrical but slightly irregular peanut-like spermatheca. Paired spermathecal duct smooth, slightly tapered on basal half. Paired spermathecal duct stems convoluted, with only small lobes. Paired spermathecae cylindrical, striate and goblet-like, deeply invaginated from apex to base. Male abdomen: Ejaculatory apodeme bigger than epandrium and with a broad blade, wider than sperm pump. Phallapodeme short, not extending to anterior limit of hypandrium. Distiphallus long, longer than epandrium, ending in a cylindrical phallic bulb about three times as long as wide ( Fig. 23 View FIGURES 20–23 ).

Type material: Holotype (1 ♂, BMNH, only images examined): BRAZIL. No information about collector and date.

Material examined: BOLIVIA. La Paz, 5 km W of Mapiri, Arroyo Tuhiri, 750 m, 15º17.8’S 68º15.6’W, 17.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (7 ♀, 7 ♂, CSCA); La Paz, 5 km W Mapiri, Arroyo, Tuhiri, 750 m, 15º17.8’S 68º15.6’W, 17.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (1 ♀, DEBU 01086314, CSCA, sequence MYCRO 233–16); La Paz, 1 km E of Guanay, 580 m, 15º30.2’S 69º52.3’W, 14.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (4 ♀, 12 ♂, USNM); La Paz, 1 km E of Guanay, 510 m, 15º30.3’S 67º50.8’W, 13.III.2001, Amnon Freidberg (3 ♂, USNM); La Paz, 2 km S Chulumani, 1750 m, 16º23.5’S 67º31.8’W, 9.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (5 ♀, 3 ♂, USNM); La Paz, 8 km S Chulumani nr. Apa Apa, 1700–1800 m, 16º22’S 67º30.4’W, 9.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (1 ♂, USNM); La Paz, Arroyo, Tuhiri W Mapiri, 15º17’27S 68º15’29W, 10.IV.2001, S. A. Marshall (10 ♀, DEBU 00150690, DEBU 00150635, DEBU 00196448, DEBU 00196439, DEBU 00196446, DEBU 00150683, DEBU 00150694, DEBU 00150705, DEBU 00150630, DEBU 00150653; 6 ♂, DEBU 00150634, DEBU 00150685, DEBU 00150684, DEBU 00150682, DEBU 00150692, DEBU 00150703); La Paz, Caranavi, 670 m, 15º50.2’S 67º33.4’W, 12.III.2001, Amnon Freidberg (1 ♀, USNM); La Paz, Chulumani Rd. Nr. La Florida, 4.IV.2001, S. A. Marshall (1 ♀, DEBU 00150373); La Paz, Chulumani, 1750 m. 2 km S, 16º32.5’S 67º31.8’W, 9–10.III.2001, A. Freidberg (2 ♀, 3 ♂, USNM); La Paz, ENE of Teoponte, San Juanito, 15º29’69”S 67º47.803’W, 8.IV.2001, A. L. Norrbom (1 ♂, DEBU 01086315, USNM, sequence MYCRO 234–16); La Paz, Guanay, 38km S, roadside stream, Pan traps, 7–12.IV.2001, S. A. Marshall (1 ♀, DEBU 00190524); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, ~ 21km SSW Puerto Heath, 12º40’S 68º42’W, 29.IV – 12.V.2007, J. H. Kitz (1 ♂, DEBU 00282411); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, ~ 21km SSW Puerto Heath, 12º40’S 68º42’W, 29.IV –12.V.2007, S. A. Marshall (9 ♀, 4 ♂, DEBU 00282064, DEBU 00282115, DEBU 00282132, DEBU 00282164, DEBU 00282168, DEBU 00282169, DEBU 00282171, DEBU 00282176, DEBU 00282177, DEBU 00282178, DEBU 00282185, DEBU 00282187); La Paz, Heath River Wildlife Centre, ~ 21km SSW Puerto Heath, 12º40’S 68º42’W, 29.IV –12.V.2007, S. M. Paiero (1 ♂, DEBU 00281785); La Paz, Mapiri, 720 m, 15º18.6’S 68º13’W, 15.III.2001, Amnon Freidberg (1 ♀, 1 ♂, USNM); La Paz, Mapiri, 720 m, 15º 18.6’S 68º13’W, 15.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (2 ♀, USNM); La Paz, Mapiri 5 km W, 750 m, 15º 17.8’S 68º 15.6’W, 16.III.2001, Amnon Freidberg (1 ♀, USNM); La Paz, Nor. Yungas, btw. Alcoche & Teoponte, 38 km SW of Guanay, 15º33’33.9”S 67º44’4.5”W, 12.IV.2001, A. L. Norrbom (3 ♀, 2 ♂, USNM); La Paz, Santa Cruz, Refugio Los Volcanes, 4km N Bermejo, 18º6’15”S 63º35’65”W, 1058m, Malaise along river, 3–7.X.2014, Norrbom et al. (1 ♀, DEBU 00388307, USNM); La Paz, San Antonio, ca. 8km S Mapiri, 15º20’56S 68º13’31W, Secondary Forest, dung pans, 11.IV.2001, S. A. Marshall (1 ♀, DEBU 00172882); La Paz, San Juanito nr. Teoponte, 500 m, 15º29’42S 67º47’48W, 8.IV.2001, S. A. Marshall (7 ♀, DEBU 00149634, DEBU 00149671, DEBU 00150735, DEBU 00149669, DEBU 00149604, DEBU 00149671, DEBU 00149655; 2 ♂, DEBU 00149603, DEBU 00149631); La Paz, Tajlihui, 590 m, 15º40.8’S 67º41.7’W, 12.III.2001, S. D. Gaimari (3 ♀, USNM); La Paz, Tajlihui, 590 m, 15º40.8’S 67º41.7’W, 12.III.2001, Amnon Freidberg (3 ♀, 2 ♂, USNM); BRAZIL. Amazonas, Mirin, 19– 22.XI.1993, J. E. Brasil (3 ♀, 1 ♂, INPA); Amazonas, Rio Jau, Meriti, Mun. Novo Airão, 4–10.VI.1994, J. A. Rafael (2 ♀, INPA); Amazonas, S. Izabel. R. Negro, Maturaca, Malaise trap, 11–18.X.1990, J.A. Rafael (3 ♂, INPA); Rondonia, Ouro Preto do Oeste, Igarapé Mandi, 6–12.VII.1995, malaise trap, J. A. Rafael & J. Vidal (1 ♀, INPA); COLOMBIA. Amazonas, Amacayacu Natl. Pk., San Martin, 150 m, malaise trap, 24.III –3.IV.2000, B. Amado (1 ♂, DEBU 00138385, IAVH); Amazonas, PNN Amacayacu Lorena, 3º2’86” S 69º59’70” W, 210 m, 27.VIII.2001, M. Sharkley & D. Campos (1 ♀, USNM); Amazonas, PNN Amacayacu San Martin, 3º23’S 70º06’W, 150 m, malaise trap, M. 1313, 3–11.XI.2000, B. Amado (1 ♀, IAVH); Amazonas, PNN Amacayacu San Martin, 3º23’S 70º06’W, 150 m, malaise trap, M. 1314, 29.XI –5.XII.2000, B. Amado (1 ♂, USNM); Vichada, PNN Tuparo Cerro Tomas, 5º21’N 67º51’W, 140m, 21–31.Jan, Malaise, W. Villalba, M. 1381 (1 ♀, IAVH); ECUADOR. Napo, Jatun Sacha Biol. Res. 6 km E Misahualli, 1º4’S 77º37’W, 450m, 30.IV –8.V.2002, S. A. Marshall (1 ♀, DEBU 00196246); FRENCH GUIANA, Nahe St. Jean, 29.XII.2002, M. Kotrba (2 #f, 2 ♂, DEBU); PERU. Amazonia Lodge, Malaise trap, 12º52’16” S 71º22’11” W, 23–24.X. 2006, 465 m, J. Skevington (4 ♀, 8 ♂, DEBU); Cuzco. Quincemil. 13–31.VIII. 1962. 780 m. L. Pena (1 ♀, 2 ♂, CNC 5 0 3332, CNC 503333, CNC 503335); Junin, Pampa, Heramosa Lodge, 22km N San Ramon, 10º59’18S 75º25’30W, 1220 m, F.I.T., 24–27.XI.2007, D. Brzoska (1 ♀, DEBU 00319437); Madre De Dios, Los Amigos Biol. Stn., treefall pans, 6–10.VI.2006, Paiero & Klymko (1 ♀, 1 ♂, DEBU 00279670, DEBU 00281448); Madre De Dios, Manu Natl. Pk. Cocha Cashu Biol. Stn., 380 m, 11º55’0S 77º18’0W, 31.VIII –1.IX.1986, D.C. Darling (2 ♀, DEBU 00151201, DEBU 00151203); Madre De Dios, Rio Pini Pini, & Rio Amalia confluence, Manu Natl. Pk., 17.IV.2004, M. Von Tschinhaus (1 ♂, DEBU 00256958); Madre De Dios, Tambopata Wildlife Res. 30km SW Pto. Maldonado 12º50’S 69º20’W, 290m, 12–31.VIII.1982, Joseph J. Anderson (1 ♀, 2 ♂, USNM); VENEZUELA. Trujillo, Guaramacal Natl. Pk., 14k NE Bocono, 2000 m, 25.VIII –1.IX.1992, L. Masner (1 ♀, DEBU 00141032).

Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Venezuela.


California State Collection of Arthropods


Ontario Insect Collection, University of Guelph


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt


Universit� di Perugia


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes














Cardiacephala brevipennis ( Walker, 1852 )

Ferro, Gustavo Borges & Marshall, Stephen A. 2018

Plocoscelus brevipennis

Enderlein, G. 1922: 227

Calobata brevipennis

Walker, F. 1852: 389