Signoretia, Linnavuori, 1979

Takiya, Daniela M., Dietrich, Christopher H. & Viraktamath, Chandra A., 2013, The unusual Afrotropical and Oriental leafhopper subfamily Signoretiinae (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae): taxonomic notes, new distributional records, and description of two new Signoretia species, ZooKeys 319, pp. 303-323: 306-307

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Phlogisini Linnavuori, 1979  Figs 2-7 View Figures 2–14 , 15, 16 View Figures 15–20 , 21-28 View Figures 21–30


Dorsal coloration dark brown to black ( Figs 2-7 View Figures 2–14 ). Head ( Figs 2-7 View Figures 2–14 ) with crown convex, punctate, carinae indistinct or absent, margins not elevated; ocelli on crown distant from anterior margin, approximately equidistant from eyes and midline; with distinct depression laterad of each ocellus; transition from crown to face rounded; antennal ledges not prominent, evenly rounded; frontoclypeus without median longitudinal carina; anteclypeus with apex emarginated; maxillary suture present.

Pronotum ( Figs 2-5, 7 View Figures 2–14 ) evenly convex, without carinae or deep depressions. Forewings ( Fig. 15 View Figures 15–20 ) with or without R1 and crossveins r-m1 and m-cu2 present. Hind wings with crossvein m-cu perpendicular to CuA; submarginal vein not extended onto jugum. Forefemora with intercalary row strongly arcuate. Hind tibiae with row PD with macrosetae and row PV with some setae blunt-tipped.

Female ovipositor ( Figs 26, 27 View Figures 21–30 ) slender and evenly curved throughout length; first valvulae ( Fig. 26 View Figures 21–30 ) with dorsal sculpturing imbricate along margin and strigate ventrally; second valvulae ( Fig. 27 View Figures 21–30 ) with dorsal teeth small, simple, somewhat irregularly distributed, restricted to distal half. [Female characters of tribe based on Phlogis   ]

Male terminalia ( Figs 21-24 View Figures 21–30 ) with pygofer with apical two-thirds distinctly more sclerotized than base, without posteroventral process; valve fused laterally to pygofer; subgenital plates not extended posteriorly as far as pygofer lobe apex; style without preapical teeth or denticuli; with distinct dorsal connective (separate sclerite connecting aedeagus to anal tube); anal tube segment X with ( Phlogis   ) or without ( Chouious   ) posterolateral processes.