Coryphosima danieli Massa, 2016

Popov †, George B., Fishpool, Lincoln D. C. & Rowell, C. Hugh F., 2019, A review of the Acridinae s. str. (Orthoptera: Acridoidea: Acrididae) of eastern Africa with taxonomic changes and description of new taxa, Journal of Orthoptera Research 28 (2), pp. 37-105: 68

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Coryphosima danieli Massa, 2016


Coryphosima danieli Massa, 2016  


-Known only from the type series. ETHIOPIA: Bale Mts., 2380 m.


-As in the key. A very small species, size (in mm): males 12.3-13.2, females 16.5-18.0. Antennae nearly longer than head and pronotum together, the first 7-8 segments flattened, others rounded. Foveolae absent. Face oblique, frontal ridge with parallel margins, except near the ocellus, where it is narrowed. Fronto-genal carinae evident. Fastigium of vertex parabolic, prominent, 1.1x longer than broad, its surface concave, margins smooth. Pronotum disc slightly tectiform, with irregular longitudinal rugosities, central carina raised, interrupted only by typical sulcus, prozona just longer than metazona. Lateral carinae parallel, lower than central carina, broader and flattened in metazona. Anterior margin of pronotum nearly straight, posterior rounded. Lateral lobes as long as deep, their surface rugulose, lower margin little ascendant. Mesosternal space as long as wide, metasternal space much smaller, nearly square. Prozona slightly longer than metazona. For images, see Felix and Massa 2016, that is also the source of this description.

3. Micropterous species