Chartocerus Motschulsky, 1859

Schmidt, Stefan, Hamid, Hasmiandy, Ubaidillah, Rosichon, Ward, Samantha & Polaszek, Andrew, 2019, A review of the Indonesian species of the family Signiphoridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea), with description of three new species, ZooKeys 897, pp. 29-47 : 29

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Chartocerus Motschulsky, 1859


Chartocerus Motschulsky, 1859


Body dark brown or black, often with metallic luster. Fore tibial spur simple, without comb of setae (cf. Fig. 3H View Figure 3 ). Propodeum posteriorly without lamelliform process (except in C. kartiniae with a suggestion of a lamelliform process on the median sclerite). Female antenna with 4 anelli (except in C. kartiniae with 2 anelli), male with 3 anelli. Seta M6 on fore wing marginal vein present, and with additional seta between M2 and M3 (M2b, Fig. 4E View Figure 4 ). Occipital margin rounded or acute. Mesofemur with 3 or 4 long spines (cf. Fig. 4D View Figure 4 ).