Cucullanus grandistomis (Ferraz & Thatcher, 1988)

Lopes, Daniela A., Gomes, Delir Correa & Knoff, Marcelo, 2017, Type material of Acanthocephala, Nematoda and other non-helminths phyla (Cnidaria, Annelida, and Arthropoda) housed in the Helminthological Collection of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute / FIOCRUZ (CHIOC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1979 to 2016, ZooKeys 711, pp. 1-52: 10-11

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Cucullanus grandistomis (Ferraz & Thatcher, 1988)


Cucullanus grandistomis (Ferraz & Thatcher, 1988)  

Type host.

Oxydoras niger   (Valenciennes, 1821) ( Osteichthyes  : Doradidae   ).

Infection site.


Type locality.

Brazil, Amazonas State, Solimões River near Manaus.


CHIOC 32456 a-b (♂, ♀).


Holotype and allotype deposited in the INPA collection. CHIOC numbers were not included in the original description.


Ferraz and Thatcher (1988).