Festucula haddadi, Azarkina & Foord, 2014

Azarkina, Galina N. & Foord, Stefan H., 2014, A revision of the Afrotropical species of Festucula Simon, 1901 (Araneae: Salticidae), African Invertebrates 55 (2), pp. 351-351 : 362-364

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https://doi.org/ 10.5733/afin.055.0201



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Festucula haddadi

sp. nov.

Festucula haddadi View in CoL sp. n.

Figs 17, 24 View Figs 8–25 , 61–76 View Figs 61–68 View Figs 69–76

Festucula lawrencei : WesoΙowska & Haddad 2009: 35, figs 50—52 (misidentified)̹

Etymology: This species is named after Dr̹ Charles Haddad, South African arachnologist and chairman of the African Arachnological Society, who collected some of the paratypes. Diagnosis: F. haddadi sp. n. resembles F. festuculaeformis . The male can be distinguished by the shape of tibial apophysis, with its broad VTA, almost without any swelling distally (Fig̹ 65) and with a dorsally straight LTA (Fig̹ 64), instead of the more swollen distal part of the VTA (Fig̹ 48) and dorsally concave LTA in F. festuculaeformis (Fig̹ 49)̹ The female can be distinguished by the structure of spermathecae, with the short, broad middle part of the insemination ducts (Fig̹ 68)̹



Measurements: Carapace: 1.80 long, 1.20 wide, 0.55 high. Abdomen: 4.20 long, 1̹10 wide̹ Eye field: 0̹80 long, anterior 1̹00 wide, posterior 1̹05 wide̹ Cheliceral length 0.60. Clypeal height 0.10. Diameter of AME 0.30. Length of leg segments (holotype): I 1̹60+1̹30+2̹00+1̹20+0̹50; II 0̹90+0̹45+0̹55+0̹40+0̹30; III 0̹75+0̹40+0̹45+0̹50+0̹40; IV 1̹10+0̹50+0̹90+0̹70+0̹40̹

Leg spination: I: Tb v 0-1-1-1-0; Mt v 0-2-2ap. II: Mt v 1-2ap. III: Mt v 0-1ap. IV: Mt v 0-1ap.

Coloration ( Figs 69—72 View Figs 69–76 ): Carapace low, flat, dark brown with median brownish-yellow longitudinal stripe, slightly broader in posterior part of ocular area, with two lateral yellow bands, covered with white adpressed hairs. Ocular area black, with brown-yellow patch behind AME. Clypeus brown, very low, covered with white hairs (Fig̹ 72)̹ Chelicerae dark brown̹ Sternum yellow-brown̹ Abdomen yellowish-grey, with lateral brownish longitudinal stripes dorsally and median brown stripe ventrally ( Figs 69—71 View Figs 69–76 )̹ Booklungs yellow̹ Spinnerets yellow-brown̹ Legs I long and robust, brown, the rest of the legs yellow. Palps brown. All legs and palps covered with long thin bristles. Palpal structure as in Figs 61–65 View Figs 61–68 .


Measurements: Carapace: 1.80–2.05 long, 1.00–1.20 wide, 0.50–0.60 high. Abdomen: 4.60–5.30 long, 1.10–1.20 wide. Eye field: 0.75–0.85 long, anterior 0.90–1.00 wide, posterior 0.95–1.05 wide. Cheliceral length 0.40–0.50. Clypeal height 0.10. Diameter of AME 0.35. Length of leg segments (female from KwaZulu-Natal, ISEA 000̹851): I 1̹10+0̹85+1̹00+0̹70+0̹40; II 0̹80+0̹40+0̹50+0̹45+0̹35; III 0̹70+0̹35+0̹40+0̹50+0̹40; IV 1̹10+0̹50+0̹75+0̹75+0̹40̹

Leg spination: I: Tb v 0-1-1-1-0 or 1-0-1-1-0; Mt v 0-2-2ap. III: Mt v 0-1ap.

Coloration ( Figs 73—76 View Figs 69–76 ): Coloration same as in the male ( Figs 73—76 View Figs 69–76 )̹ Structure of epigyne and spermathecae as in Figs 66–68 View Figs 61–68 .

Holotype Ô SƟUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal: Ndumo G.R., c. 26°52'S 32°15'E, dense grass, 14.i.1980, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 81 /54)̹ GoogleMaps

Paratypes:SƟUTH AFRICA: Mpumalanga: 1Ô c. 35 km SE of Sabie, White River, 25°07'S 31°55'E, beating, 31̹viii̹1991, E̹ Visagie ( NMBA 5433 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; 1 Ô Nelspruit (caravan park), 25°20'S 31°46'E, sweeping, mixed grass, 19̹i̹1977, L̹ Burger ( NCA 77 /287)̹ KwaZulu-Natal: 1♀ Ndumo G ̹R̹, 26°54'S 32°18'E, sweeping, grass, broadleaf woodland, 13̹vi̹2005, C̹ Haddad ( NCA 2008 /2037); 2♀ Tembe Elephant Park, 27°01'S 32°25'E, beating short shrubs, open woodland, 10̹i̹2002, C̹ Haddad ( ISEA 000̹851); 1 Ô Kosi Bay, c. 26°54'S 32°52'E, coastal bush, 6̹x̹1977, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 98 /734); 1♀ Pongola, c. 27°23'S 31°37'E, sweeping, grass, 5̹iv̹1977,A̹S̹ Dippenaar-Schoeman ( NCA 98 /644); 1♀ Ulundi, Ɵphathe G̹R̹, Ɵphathe R̹, 28°24'S 31°23'E, sweeping, grass on R̹ bed, 2̹x̹2008, C̹ Haddad ( NCA 2008 /4185); 1♀ Umgeni Valley, c. 27°28'S 30°16'E, sweeping, grass, LR 1661, 4̹i̹1997, A̹ Leroy ( NCA 98 /274); 2 Ô Ntumeni, Ngoje Forest , 28°52'S 31°22'E, herb layer, 1̹xii̹1977, P̹ Reavell ( ISEA 000̹852); 1 Ô Mtubatuba, Dukuduku Forest Reserve , St ̹ Lucia, c. 28°21'S 32°18'E, grassland, sweeping, AR038, 2̹iv̹2009, J̹ Pryke ( NCA 2010 /5782); 1 Ô Charter ̕s Bay, Charter ̕s Creek Camp, c. 28°12'S 32°24'E, sweeping, grass, 2̹iii̹2007, P̹ van Niekerk ( NCA 2007 /2394); 1 Ô Empangeni, c. 28°45'S 31°54'E, sweeping, grass, 12̹iii̹1981, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 98 /742); 1Ô same locality, KwaDlangezwa, University of Zululand , 28°51'S 31°49'E, active search, on bush, 8.iii.1977, P. Reavell ( NCA 84 /646); 1♀ same locality, 28°51'S 31°49'E, grassland, 20̹xi̹1980, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 81 /92); 1♀ same locality, Nyala Game Ranch, 28°43'S 31°52'E, sweeping, grass, 16̹xi̹1980, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 81 /69); 1♀ same locality, 28°51'S 31°49'E, sweeping on grass, 17̹ii̹1981, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 81 /203); 1 Ô Richards Bay , c. 28°46'S 32°06'E, active search, 10̹iv̹1980, P̹ Reavell ( NCA 81 /664); 1♀ Richards Bay , c. 28°46'S 32°06'E, sweeping, 1̹xii̹1995, T̹ Wassenaar ( NCA 2007 /2541); 1♀ Vlei, nr Charter̕s Creek, nr St̹ Lucia, c. 28°12'S 32°26'E, 18̹i̹1980, Collector unknown ( NMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1Ô iSimangaliso Wetland Park, St ̹ Lucia National Park , Charter ̕s Creek Camp , 28°12'S 32°24'E, sweeping, grass, 2̹iii̹2007, P̹ & G̹ van Niekerk, X ̹ Combrink, J ̹ Warner ( NCA 2010 /3350)̹ GoogleMaps

Distribution: Eastern part of South Africa (Fig̹ 26)̹


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