Ramazzottius oberhaeuseri ( Doyère, 1840 ), Doyere, 1840

Kaczmarek, Łukasz, Jakubowska, Natalia & Michalczyk, Łukasz, 2012, Current knowledge on Turkish tardigrades with a description of Milnesium beasleyi sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Apochela: Milnesiidae, the granulatum group), Zootaxa 3589, pp. 49-64: 58

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.213616

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Ramazzottius oberhaeuseri ( Doyère, 1840 )


Ramazzottius oberhaeuseri ( Doyère, 1840)  

Material examined in this study: 2 specimens and 1 egg in sample A.

Remarks: Species known from many localities in Turkey but this is the first record for the Konya Province. Known from many localities throughout the world ( McInnes 1994), but the majority of records need to be verified as this is believed to be a species complex.