Yang, Jeng-Tze & Yang, Ching-Shan, 2012, The slim mute crickets, Euscyrtinae (Orthoptera: Grylloidea; Gryllidae; Euscyrtinae) of Taiwan with three new species and lectotype designations of three of Shiraki’s species, Zootaxa 3226, pp. 1-45: 2

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.213582


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Subfamily Euscyrtinae   Gorochov, 1988

Includes genera formerly in: Eneopterinae  



Gorochov (1988) erected the subfamily Euscyrtinae   based on the following characters. Here, authors redefine the subfamily as emended according to the newly evaluated characters of metanotal gland and genital structure as well.

External morphology. Body slender, in light color, reddish brown stripes along with lateral sides. Head produced to form a narrow frons; Eyes distinct, sometimes prominent expanded laterally; ocelli in triangular. Antennal sockets very large, posterior margin foliate; antennal scape very wide and thick.

Metanotal gland of male obviously developed, metathorax separated as two parts. Tegmen long or short, veins parallel each other. Males of this group have no stridulatory files. Hind legs very long, fore and middle legs relatively short; hind tibia with teeth between spines; tibia with apical spines o/i= 3 / 3, outer ones relative short, inner ones long; claw dentate finely.

Male genitalia. Epiphallus, ectoparamere and rami without joint connection; epiphallus convergent posteriorly; in ventral view, medial lob beneath ectoparamere; spermatophore sac massive, flatted laterally, usually lying in horizontally, conjunctive connect from opening to outlet.

Female genitalia. Ovipositor sword like, very long; wide and thick at base, apical part slender, acute at apex.

Type genus: Euscyrtus Guerin, 1884