Krisna rufimarginata Cai et He

Zhang, Yalin, Zhang, Xinmin & Dai, Wu, 2008, Three new species of the genus Krisna Kirkaldy (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae) from China, with a checklist of the genus, Zootaxa 1783, pp. 40-60: 49-52

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Krisna rufimarginata Cai et He


Krisna rufimarginata Cai et He  

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Krisna rufimarginata Cai et He, 1998: 22   , figs. 3, A –F.

Krisna burmanica Viraktamath, 2006: 15 View Cited Treatment   , figs. 47–51. syn. nov.

Ochraceous, anterior margin of head fuscous. Forewing appendix without basal fuscous spot. Hind wings milky white.

Head with crown short, anterior margin slightly rimmed and rounded between eyes, medially slightly longer than next to eyes. Ocellus situated on front margin of crown next to corresponding eye, separated from eye by distance equal to ocellus diameter. Male eighth sternite with hind margin almost straight.

Male genitalia: Pygophore elongate, with many macrosetae posteriorly; ventral pygophore process in lateral view sinuate, with or without small tooth at midlength, with spicules in basal half of expansion and apical area with few longitudinal rugae. Style very long, apophysis long, narrow, slightly curved dorsally near apex with thickening not extending half width near apex. Aedeagal shaft stout and curved dorsally in lateral view, hind margin convex with short rugae at mid region, then narrowed to apex, with distinct ventral concavity, in caudal view, widened near midlength, then slightly narrowing towards apex; phallotreme apical on ventral surface.

Measurements: Male 8.7 –10.0mm long, 2.2–2.3mm wide across eyes, 2.6–2.9mm wide across hind margin of pronotum. Female 9.9–11.6mm long, 2.4–2.5mm wide across eyes, 2.9–3.3mm wide across hind margin of pronotum.

Material examined: China, Guangxi Prov.: 2 ɗɗ, 1 Ψ, Shangsi county, 27 Nov. 2001, Wang Zongqing; 3 ɗɗ, 1 Ψ, Fangcheng county, Pinglong Mountain, 2 Dec. 2001, Wang Zongqing and He Zhiqiang; 2 ɗɗ, 2 ΨΨ, Shangsi county, 30 Nov. 2001, Wang Zongqing and He Zhiqiang; 1 ɗ, Longsheng county, Huaping town, 31 Aug. 2000, Liu Zhenjiang; Hunan Prov.: 2 ɗɗ, Zhangjiajie county, 23 July 2006, Guo Hongwei; 1 ɗ, Shimen county, Hupingshan town, 900m, 17 July 2006, Lv Lin; 3 ɗɗ, Hengshan county, 30 June 1980,Tong Xinwang; 1 ɗ, Sangzhi county, Tianping Mountain, 1250m, 13 Aug. 2001, Sun Qiang; Hubei Prov.: 1 ɗ, Shiyan county, Wudang Mountain, 22 July 2001, He Zhiqiang; Guizhou Prov.: 1 ɗ, Fanjingshan Mountain, Huguo Temple, 950m, 4 Aug. 2001, Sun Qiang; Jiangxi Prov.: 1 Ψ, Ruijin county, Baying town, 280m, 15 Aug. 2004, Wei Cong and Yang Meixia; Shaanxi Prov.: 1 ɗ, Liuba, 1215m, 3 Aug. 2004,Lv Lin, Duan Yani; 1 ɗ, Taibai mountain, Haoping Temple, 14 Aug. 1981, NWAFU; Hainan Prov.: 1 ɗ, 2 ΨΨ, Jianfengling, 31 Aug. 2002, Che Yanli and Wang Peiming; 1 Ψ, Danzhou, Nada, 20 May 1983, Zhang Yalin; Zhejiang Prov.: 1 ɗ, Tianmu Mountain, 24 Aug. 2000, Dai Wu (all above in NWAFU); Xizang Prov.: 1 ɗ, Yigong, 2300m, 31 July 1978, Li Fasheng; 1 Ψ, Tongmai, 2050m, 26 July 1978, Li Fasheng ( CAU).

Distribution: China (Guangxi, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Hainan, Zhejiang, Xizang), Myanmar ( Burma).

Remarks: Krisna rufimarginata   was described from Henan Province, China, based on one male specimen. Viraktamath (2006) described Krisna burmanica   from Myanmar based on one male. Although the descriptions of these two taxa indicate that they differ slightly in the apical shape of the aedeagal shaft in lateral view, these differences appear to intergrade among and within populations based on the males from different localities examined here, and therefore do not seem sufficient to justify continued recognition of the latter taxon as a distinct species.


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Krisna rufimarginata Cai et He

Zhang, Yalin, Zhang, Xinmin & Dai, Wu 2008

Krisna burmanica

Viraktamath 2006: 15

Krisna rufimarginata

Cai 1998: 22