Belomicrus atlasiensis, Schmid, 2021

Schmid, Christian, 2021, Four new species of Belomicrus A. COSTA, 1867 (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae) from Morocco and Southern Spain, Linzer biologische Beiträge 52 (2), pp. 1257-1266: 1259-1260

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Belomicrus atlasiensis


Belomicrus atlasiensis   SCHMID- EGGER nov.sp. ( figs 1 View Figs 1-8 , 9 View Figs 9-14 , 17 View Figs 15-18 )

H o l o t y p e: Morocco: 1♂ 16.iv.2014 Morocco, 80 km NE Agadir, Talmakant 30.834N 8.956W, 1100 m (leg. et coll. CSE).

D i a g n o s i s: Belomicrus atlasiensis   nov.sp. is mainly characterzied by the shape of the mucro. It is apically distinctly widened ( fig. 1 View Figs 1-8 ) and has - seen from below - the form of a triangle. In remaining species mucro is apcially narrow or pointed.

D e s c r i p t i o n o f m a l e h o l o t y p e: Body length 5.2 mm. Colour: black, with the following parts yellow: basal half of mandible (medial part reddish, apex black), scape (with black band above), flagellomeres below, pronotal lobe, apex of squamae (apical margin transparent), mucro, large spot of forefemur apically below, small spots of mid- and hindfemora apically, tibiae (with some brownish spots). Tarsi brown, tergite VII reddish. Tegula and basal sclerite of forwing transparent with some reddish parts, basal veins of forewing reddish, remaining veins dark brown. Wings transparent. Morphology: Mandible basally without lobe, in medial third with week longitudinal impression. Clypeus apically with diagonal shiny area, the area medially with obtuse tooth ( fig. 17 View Figs 15-18 ). Gena below near manidbular socket and frons above scape shiny, remaining head and mesosoma apart from propodeum with dense punctation, interspaces shiny, distinctly smaller than puncture diameters. AS 2-12 appr. as long as wide, AS 13 twice as long as basally wide. OOL = ocellar diameter, with orbital fovea between lateral ocellus and eye. Vertex large, distance between hindocellus and hindmargin of vertex as long as length of scape. Pronotal collar with deep and narrow medial impression. Mesopleuron below and mesosternum without carinae, mespleuron in front of midcoxa with large ear-shaped shiny lamella (approximately as large as AS 3). Squamae united, apically with deep drop-like emargination, lateral margin bent upwards. Mucro with large triangular apex, apex as wide as length of AS 3. Propodeum dull, with fine reticulation and some striae, laterally only with striae in apical part. Tergites dull, finely and densely punctured, punctures half in size compared to punctures of mesosoma. Tergite VI with indistinct punctation, tergite VII with shiny parts, all tergites laterally with keel in whole length. Sternites with indistinct and fine punctation, shiny. Lower half of face covered with short silver pubescence, remaining body with sparse pubescence, somewhat denser on apical margin of tergites. Apex of sternite II and sternites III-VI with some erect pale setae, longest setae as long as length of AS 3.

The female is unkown.

H a b i t a t: Belomicrus atlasiensis   nov.sp. was collected in a narrow river valley with sandy river sides into the High Atlas Mountains in southwestern Morocco in about 1,100 meters about sea level.

G e o g r a f i c d i s t r i b u t i o n: High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

E t y m o l o g y: The species is named after the origin of the species, the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.