Mugil liza (Valenciennes, 1863)

Soricetti, Mariano, Morawicki, Santiago, Guardiola Rivas, Fredy José, Guidi, Catalina, Quezada, Facundo, Almirón, Adriana Edith & Solimano, Patricio José, 2020, Ichthyofauna of the lower course of the Negro river drainage, Patagonia Argentina, Check List 16 (4), pp. 895-905: 902

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Mugil liza (Valenciennes, 1863)


Mugil liza (Valenciennes, 1863)  

Figure 3I

Material examined. ARGENTINA • 1 ♀, 501 mm; Site 7; 41°01ʹ12ʺS, 062°47ʹ54ʺW; 26 Feb. 2017; S. Morawicki, P. Solimano leg.; MPCN-Ict 8 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Body elongated, fusiform, anteriorly depressed until the first dorsal-fin origin; caudal pedun- cle compressed. Head wide and depressed, interorbital space wide and convex. Mouth, wide and subterminal. Small labial teeth arranged in very close rows. Large ctenoid scales. Axillary scales of pectoral and pelvic fins less than a half the length of the respective fin. First dor- sal fin equidistant between the snout tip and the origin of the caudal fin. Caudal fin finely scaled, almost to its dis- tal edge. Dark brown color on back with flanks and belly silver; the scales of the back and flank with a more or less perceptible darker longitudinal groove.