Hattena incisa Halliday, 1997,

Masan, Peter, 2017, A revision of the family Ameroseiidae (Acari, Mesostigmata), with some data on Slovak fauna, ZooKeys 704, pp. 1-228: 1

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Hattena incisa Halliday, 1997


Hattena incisa Halliday, 1997 

Hattena incisa  Halliday, 1997: 193.

Hattena incisa  . - Faraji and Cornejo 2006: 291.

Type depository.

Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia.

Type locality and habitat.

Australia, Northern Territory, Elizabeth River near Palmerston, on flowers of spotted mangrove, Rhizophora stylosa  ( Rhizophoraceae  ).


Hattena dalyi  (Elsen, 1974) is exceedingly similar to Hattena incisa  . The position of st2 appears to be the only important difference between these species; these are on the sternal shield margin in H. dalyi  and on separate and small shield fragments close to lateral margins of the sternal shield in H. incisa  . Halliday (1997) may have overlooked the existence of H. dalyi  because it was described as a species of Afrocypholaelaps  , until Klimov et al. (2016) transferred it to Hattena  . In addition, Halliday (1997) did not cite Elsen (1974). Thus, a thorough morphological comparison between these species is necessary.