Acidiostigma subpostsignatum Chen and Zhao

Chen, Xiaolin, Zhang, Lijie & Zhao, Mingshui, 2016, Three new species of Acidiostigma Hendel (Diptera: Tephritidae: Trypetinae) and an updated key to species from the eastern Palaearctic and Oriental Regions, Zootaxa 4092 (3), pp. 401-413 : 410-411

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4092.3.5

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Acidiostigma subpostsignatum Chen and Zhao

sp. nov.

Acidiostigma subpostsignatum Chen and Zhao View in CoL , sp. nov.

( Figs 29–34 View FIGURES 29 – 34 )

Diagnosis. The wing pattern resembles A. postsignatum Chen from China, but differs by having no narrow black band over vein DM-Cu, cell br with a large hyaline spot, the dark mark in cell dm not situated at the middle, and mediotergite entirely yellow.

M ale. Head ( Figs 29, 30 View FIGURES 29 – 34 ). Predominantly yellow to yellow-brown, frons slightly darker; 3 pairs of frontal and 2 pairs of orbital setae; ocellars moderately developed, about same length as posterior orbitals. The 1st flagellomere rounded at apex; arista pubescent. Thorax ( Fig 31 View FIGURES 29 – 34 ). Yellow-brown, a narrow vague ivory-yellow stripe extending from postpronotal lobe along upper margin of anepisternum to wing base; mediotergite entirely yellow. Body setae black, dorsocentral setae situated behind line of postsutural supra-alars. Legs ( Fig 32 View FIGURES 29 – 34 ). Entirely yellow, fore femora each with 8 posteroventral setae; mid tibia with 1 strong apical spur. Wings ( Fig 34 View FIGURES 29 – 34 ). The pattern is not Hemilea - like; cells bc and c partly brown; cell r1 predominantly hyaline with one narrow black band over the anterior 1/3; cell sc entirely brown, distinctly longer than cell c; cell br with a large hyaline spot; dark mark in cell dm situated at the posterior part, lobe of cell bcu short; vein R4+5 setose slightly over crossvein R-M, the latter situated well beyond the middle of cell dm. Abdomen ( Fig 33 View FIGURES 29 – 34 ). Tergites 1+2 yellow to yellow-brown with vague irregular black marks, tergites 3–4 each with 2 black marks on sides, tergite 5 almost completely black but with a small yellow mark at the middle of posterior margin; Epandrium yellow to yellow-brown with long, dark brown setae, posterodorsally pubescent; surstylus yellow-brown, somewhat apically pointed in lateral view; inner surstylus with subapical prensiseta smaller than apical prensiseta (other parts of male genitalia not visible because not dissected). Length. Body, 7.2 mm; wing, 8.1 mm.

Female. Unknown.

Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Type material. Holotype ♂, CHINA: Yunnan, Pingbian, Mt Dawei, 22º54′57″N, 103º41′46″E, 2026m, 5–8. July 2011, Zhe Zhao (IZCAS).

Etymology. The specific epithet is derived from the Latin “ sub ”, meaning under, and “ postsignatum ”, meaning A. postsignatum Chen , referring to the species’ similarity with A. postsignatum Chen.













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