Naucoris sumatranus Fieber, 1851

Polhemus, Dan A. & Polhemus, John T., 2013, Guide To The Aquatic Heteroptera Of Singapore And Peninsular Malaysia. Xi. Infraorder Nepomorpha- Families Naucoridae And Aphelocheiridae, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 61 (2), pp. 665-686 : 671

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Naucoris sumatranus Fieber, 1851


Naucoris sumatranus Fieber, 1851

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Naucoris sumatrana Fieber, 1851: 17

Naucoris sumatranus: Lundblad, 1933: 63

Diagnosis. — Length 8.0 mm, maximum width (across abdomen) 4.9 mm. Head and pronotum dull yellowish-brown variably maculated with scattered darker brown markings, but lacking medial spots, lateral pronotal margins not explanate, lacking dark patches; scutellum predominantly dark brown, with mesoscutum bearing transverse yellowish brown patches to either side of midline; hemelytra medium brown, with basal half of embolium broadly dark yellow, wing membrane black; abdominal laterotergites uniformly yellowish-brown, without darker markings; female subgenital plate only moderately long, posteriorly truncate, posterior margin slightly concave medially ( Fig. 14 View Figs ); male unknown.

Distribution. — Originally described from Sumatra according to Fieber (1851), and so far known only from that island. Zettel (2011) examined the holotype and noted that a Montandon label on the specimen indicates some skepticism as to whether the holotype specimen originated in Sumatra, but offers no alternative geographic origin. Assuming that the original type locality of Sumatra is correct, this species could potentially occur in Singapore or southern Peninsular Malaysia.

Aneurocoris ), three endemic to Asia ( Diaphorocoris , Namtokocoris , Pogonocaudina ), two endemic to the Western Hemisphere ( Decarloa , Interocoris ), two shared between Africa and Asia ( Laccocoris , Heleocoris ), and one ( Ctenipocoris ) occurring in Africa, Asia, and South America (J. Polhemus & D. Polhemus, 2008a).

Most descriptions of the Southeast Asian Heleocoris and Laccocoris species date from the 1890–1910 period, and the types are widely scattered in many different European museums, which has hindered revisionary work. A regional treatment of Heleocoris for Thailand was provided by Sites & Vitheepradit (2011), including the description of a new species, but the last complete key to Heleocoris was that of Montandon (1897b). The species of Laccocoris have never been keyed. The other two genera in the region, Ctenipocoris and Namtokocoris , each have fewer species and have been the subject of recent taxonomic work, with a key to species available for the latter genus (Sites &Vitheepradit, 2007), and a key to Asian Ctenipocoris species provided herein.














Naucoris sumatranus Fieber, 1851

Polhemus, Dan A. & Polhemus, John T. 2013

Naucoris sumatranus: Lundblad, 1933: 63

Lundblad, O 1933: 63

Naucoris sumatrana

Fieber, F 1851: 17
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