Anatomidae McLean, 1989

Geiger, Daniel L. & Jansen, Patty, 2004, Revision of the Australian species of Anatomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda), Zootaxa 415 (415), pp. 1-35 : 5

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Anatomidae McLean, 1989


Anatomidae McLean, 1989

A diagnosis of the family has recently been provided by Geiger (2003), including radular and limited anatomical data. McLean (1989) introduced the subfamily Anatominae for Anatoma and Sukashitrochus . As discussed in Geiger (2003), the placement of Sukashitrochus with Anatoma has been controversial. Recent molecular work ( Geiger & Thacker, 2003, unpublished data) has confirmed Geiger’s (2003) assessment that Sukashitrochus is closely related to Scissurella and hence belongs in Scissurellinae . It is interesting to note that the previous subfamilies of Scissurellidae sensu lato occur in distinct types of habitats: Scissurellinae in shallow water, Anatominae from the upper continental slope to deep sea, Temnocinclinae and Sutilizoninae at vents, and Larocheinae in shallow water and caves. Anatoma is only distantly related to Scissurellidae within Vetigastropoda and the subfamily is here elevated to full family rank. The authority of the family remains McLean, 1989, following the ICZN principle of coordination.

The family Anatomidae contains two genera: Anatoma Woodward, 1859 , and Thieleella Bandel, 1998 . Hainella Bandel, 1998 , and Pagodella Bandel, 1998 [nomen nudum] are synonyms as discussed in detail elsewhere (Geiger, 2003).

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