Spondylidinae, Audinet-Serville, 1832

Maier, Chris T., 2018, Larval Hosts of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera: Parandrinae, Prioninae, Lepturinae, Spondylidinae, Cerambycinae) in Connecticut and Nearby States, The Coleopterists Bulletin 72 (3), pp. 439-456 : 444

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https://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065X-72.3.439

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Arhopalus rusticus obsoletus (Randall) . CT, New Haven Co., Guilford, 41.38832°, -72.74141°, G: 23.iii.2006, E: 22.v–2.vii.2006 (6), trunk (dead>2 years, diam 12–15 cm), Pinus sylvestris L.

This record reconfirms MacRae’ s (1994) record of P. sylvestris as a host. To date, this cerambycid has been reared only from Pinus species (Linsley and Chemsak 1997).

Asemum striatum (Linnaeus) . CT, Hartford Co., East Granby, St Rt 20 at Windsor Locks town line, G: 22.iii.2002, E: 16.iv.2002 (1), trunk (cut 6. iv.2001), P. rigida ; Litchfield Co., Barkhamsted, Site 1, G: 29.iii.2006, E: 30.iv.2006 (1), dead trunk (tree toppled in winter 2003–2004), Picea abies (L.) Karsten *; Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 28.iii.2007, E: 24.iv–7.v.2007 (23), dead trunk (girdled 29.iii. 2005, diam 22–30 cm), P. strobus ; Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 24.iii.2009, E: 10–28.v.2009 (3), trunk (cut 13.iii.2007, diam 23–27 cm), P. strobus ; Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 31.iii.2010, E: 25.iv–12.v.2010 (21), trunk (cut 13.iii.2007, diam 20–29 cm), P. strobus ; Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 31.iii.2011, E: 10. v.2011 (1), trunk (cut 13.iii.2007, diam 22–26), P. strobus ; Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 20.iii.2012, E: 30. iv.2012 (1), trunk (cut 13.iii.2007, diam 18–28 cm), P. strobus ; Middlesex Co., Cromwell, nr jct St Rt 3 and 372, G: 17.iii.2003, E: 19–20.iv.2003 (1), trunk (cut 27.iii.2002, diam 9–14 cm), Pinus nigra Arnold *; New Haven Co., Guilford, 41.38832°, -72.74141°, G: 28.ii.2006, E: 7–20.iv.2006 (6), dead trunk (girdled 25.iii.2005; diam 12–15 cm), P. sylvestris ; New London Co., Voluntown, 0.6 km SE jct St Rt 165 and Kinney Rd, G: 15.iii.2002, E: 13–29.iv.2002 (19), dead branch, Pinus banksiana Lambert *. NJ, Burlington Co., Woodland, 1.5 km WNW jct St Hwy 72 and Secondary Rd 563, G: 7.iii.2002, E: 16.iv.2002 (1), trunk (cut 15.iii.2001), P. rigida .

This borer of conifers was reared from three new hosts and three previously recorded ones (Linsley and Chemsak 1997; Vlasak and Vlasakova 2002). In all, larvae of A. striatum develop in five genera of Pinaceae (Linsley and Chemsak 1997; Vlasak and Vlasakova 2002; Saint-Germain et al. 2004; Guarnieri 2010; Azeria et al. 2012).

Atimia confusa confusa (Say) . CT, Fairfield Co., Danbury, 41.33888°, -73.46864°, G: 22.viii.2016, E: 20.ix.2016 (1), trunk (cut 13.iv.2016, diam 10 cm), Juniperus virginiana L. ( Cupressaceae ); Litchfield Co., Washington, 41.59883°, -73.32166°, G: 25.viii.2017, E: 6–15.ix.2017 (8), dead trunk (diam 13–15 cm), J. virginiana ; New Haven Co., New Haven, 41.33691°, -72.96677°, G: 22. viii.2016, E: 21.ix.2016 (1), trunk (cut 15.iv.2016, diam 12–14 cm), J. virginiana ; New London Co., Sprague, 41.65295°, -72.09273°, G: 22.viii.2016, E: 26.viii–8.ix.2016 (2), dead wood, J. virginiana ; Windham Co., Killingly, 41.85585°, -71.80384°, G: 21.iii.2012, E: 27.vii–23.viii.2012 (9), trunk (cut 5. iv.2011), Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) Britton, Sterns, and Poggenberg ( Cupressaceae ). RI, Washington Co., 41.37267°, -71.66495°, G: 22.iii.2017, E: 31.viii–5. ix.2017 (2), dead trunk, J. virginiana .

These records further confirm the larval hosts reported by Maier (2008, 2009). This subspecies of Atimia confusa Say develops only in species of Cupressaceae (Linsley and Chemsak 1997; Maier 2008, 2009).

Tetropium schwarzianum Casey. CT, Litchfield Co., Barkhamsted, Site 2, G: 3.iv.2007, E: 4.v.2007 (2), dead trunk (girdled 23.iii.2006, diam 24–30 cm), P. strobus .

Larvae of this species develop only in species of Pinus (Linsley and Chemsak 1997; Morris 2002; Vlasak and Vlasakova 2002; Azeria et al. 2012). Larval hosts of many species of Tetropium Kirby should be reconfirmed because of the confusion about species identities (e.g., Linsley 1962a; Raske 1973).











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