Basilia carteri Scott, 1936

Autino, Analía Gladys, Idoeta, Fabricio Miguel, Claps, Guillermo Luis & Barquez, Rubén Marcos, 2020, Ectoparasite insects of bats from the fields and weedlands eco-region of Argentina, Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia 60, pp. 1-9 : 4-5

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Basilia carteri Scott, 1936


Basilia carteri Scott, 1936  

Basilia carteri Scott, 1936: 498   . Material examined: Misiones: Parque Provincial de la Sierra “Ingeniero Agrónomo Martínez-Crovetto”, Municipio de San José, 27°44′39.49″S, 55°33′56.40″W, 210 m, 28.iv.2010, 3 ♀ (CMLA 841, 842, 843), on Myotis izecksohni   ♂ ( CML 10200 View Materials ).

Identification: This species is characterized by the head having 4 setae on the anterior dorsal margin and 12-15 notopleural setae between the eyes. The male abdomen has tergite 2 with a row of short setae on the surface and tergites 3-6 bare; and sternite 4 has a marginal row has long setae. The female abdomen has tergite I broadly rounded posteriorly with a row of 12-16 long setae in the middle and shorter setae on the lateral margins and sides of the surface.The anal segment is broadly conical, with long setae posteriorly and short setae laterally. The pleurae are covered with minute spines.

Comments: The host species Myotis izecksohni   was recently described by Moratelli et al. (2011) and recorded in Argentina by Barquez et al. (2017) in the province of Misiones in the locality indicated in material examined. Basilia carteri   is recorded in northern Argentina on hosts of the families Vespertilonidae and Molossidae   ,including reports from Corrientes on M.albescens   (É.Geoffroy Saint- Hilaire, 1806) (Claps et al., 2004); from Chaco on Myotis nigricans (Autino et al., 2009)   ; from Jujuy on Molossops temminckii   and M. albescens   ( Guimarães, 1946; Autino et al., 2009); from Misiones on M. levis   (I. Geoffroy Saint- Hilaire, 1824) (Autino et al., 2009); from Salta on M. albescens   and M. riparius Handley, 1960   (Autino et al., 1999); from Santiago del Estero on M. nigricans   and Tadarida brasiliensis (I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1824)   ( Guimarães & D’Andretta 1956; García, 1959); and from Tucumán on Tadarida brasiliensis   , M. albescens   , M. keaysi Allen, 1914   , and M. riparius   (Autino et al., 1999, 2000a, 2009).














Basilia carteri Scott, 1936

Autino, Analía Gladys, Idoeta, Fabricio Miguel, Claps, Guillermo Luis & Barquez, Rubén Marcos 2020

Basilia carteri

Scott, H. 1936: 498