Afropictinus nabu, Heiss, Ernst & Grebennikov, Vasily, 2016

Heiss, Ernst & Grebennikov, Vasily, 2016, Monophyly, review, six new species and DNA barcode of micropterous Afromontane Afropictinus (Heteroptera: Aradidae), Zootaxa 4208 (2), pp. 149-160 : 154-155

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Afropictinus nabu

sp. nov.

Afropictinus nabu sp. nov.

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Material studied. HOLOTYPE male ( CNC): Ethiopia, Bonga , / 7.5056, 36.1068 / 2247m, 11.xi.2014 / sift 30, local collector // CNCCOLVG / 0 0 0 0 8860.

Diagnosis. Distinguished from all congeners by the short genae not produced over clypeus.

Description. Surface mat, colouration dark greyish brown, lighter brown are the smooth spots on head, thorax and tergal plate, the median elevation of mtg V–VI and the posterior margins of deltg III–VI. Head as wide as long (15.5/15.5); genae as long as clypeus; antennae 2.06 times as long as width of head, segments I/II/III/IIV = 7/5/ 11.5/8; postocular lobes straightly converging posteriorly. Thorax with pronotum nearly 3 times as wide as long (28/9.5); paranota widely rounded, reflexed and strongly produced anterolaterally, lateral margins convex, evenly converging anteriorly. Scutellum 2.8 times as wide as long (24/8.5). Mtg I with a median depression, sloping posteriorly; mtg II separated from tergal plate by a distinct suture. Abdomen with tergal plate only slightly elevated at middle, highest on mtg IV; pe-angles V–VI rounded and slightly produced, VII angulate; straight metathoracic scent gland canals covered dorsolaterally by the oval wing pads and not visible from above; pygophore large, nearly as wide as head (14/15.5), median dorsal ridge wide, about 1/3 as wide as pygophore. Measurements: Holotype male: length 3.9 mm; length of antennae 1.6 mm; width of abdomen 1.95 mm.

Etymology. The species epithet is an acronym of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union ( NABU , Germany, Berlin), which promotes conservation of Kafa Forest around Bonga (https://en. nabu .de/projects/ethiopia/ kafa/), thus facilitating preservation and discovery of the first species of Afropictinus from Ethiopia; noun in apposition.

Distribution. This species is known only from vicinity of Bonga, Ethiopia.


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes