Joeropsis pleurion, Kensley & Schotte, 2002

Kensley, B & Schotte, M, 2002, New species and records of Asellota from the Indian Ocean (Crustacea: Peracarida: Isopoda), Journal of Natural History 36, pp. 1421-1461: 1434-1435

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Joeropsis pleurion

sp. nov.

Joeropsis pleurion   sp. nov.

(Žgure 7L –N)

Type material. HOLOTYPE: USNM 253233, 2.2 mm, sta K-AL-70, algal turf of Halimeda   and Gracillaria   on reef at, Aldabra, 1 m, 25 February 1989. PARATYPES: USNM 253234, two 1.4–2.0 mm, sta K-ALD-70, same data as holotype; USNM 253235, one 1.7 mm, sta K-ALD-13, coralline-encrusted rubble under Thalassodendron   seagrass, Aldabra, 6 m, 3 April 1983.

Diagnosis. Rostrum basally broader than long, anterior margin truncate. Lateral margins of cephalon entire. Pereonite 4 with two low, rounded, submedian longitudinal ridges. Lateral margins of pleotelson entire. Uropodal basis with mesiodistal hook. Red-brown transverse band of pigment across posterior half of cephalon, and across pereonite 4.

Etymology. The speciŽc name, from the Latin for ‘rib’, refers to the two rounded ridges on pereonite 4.


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History