Carmo-Neto, Antonio Marcelino Do, Lamas, Carlos José Einicker & Urso-Guimarães, Maria Virginia, 2019, New species and records of the supertribe Stomatosematidi (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in Brazil, Zootaxa 4608 (1), pp. 119-130 : 120

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Subfamily Cecidomyiinae  

Supertribe Stomatosematidi Gagné, 1975

Diagnosis [after Gagné, (1975)]. Postocciput long and narrow, setae of approximately same length throughout. Eyes confluent. Labrum and hypopharynx long, pointed, covered by microtrichia laterally. Palpus 4-segmented. Antennal flagellum with 13 cylindrical flagellomeres. Flagellomeres one and two fused, apical process in flagellomere thirteen; Female flagellomeres with two circumfila and two vertical connections. Male flagellomeres ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ) with necks longer than females, with basal circumfila and a vertical strand. Wing ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ) with vein C breaking at junction with R 4+5; Sc present; rs as strong as other veins; R 4+5 curved apically, joining C after apex wing; wing fold present; M 4 and CuA fused at base, divergent near margin of the wing. Tarsal claws toothed ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 ), strongly curved near mid-length; empodium approximately as long as claws. Male abdomen: tergum I short; II–V rectangular with full row of caudal setae, with lateral setae, and with scattered scales; VI–VII less sclerotized than preceding terga, only laterocaudal and lateral setae present; VIII slightly sclerotized with only basal trichoid sensilla; II–VIII almost square, uniformly covered with setae; two apically rounded cerci. Hypoproct with an apical seta on each lobe. Aedeagal apex slightly enlarged and bent dorsally. Gonocoxite with long setae, mediobasal lobes simple or divided, when divided with variable shape and length between ventral and dorsal projections. Gonostylus long. Female abdomen: terga I–V and sterna I–VII as in male; terga VI–VII rectangular; VIII unsclerotized, naked except for basal pair of trichoid sensilla; sternum VIII area membranous, naked; sternum IX setose, divided mesally. Female cerci one- or two-segmented.