Apanteles folia Nixon,

Gupta, Ankita, Churi, Paresh V., Sengupta, Ashok & Mhatre, Sarang, 2014, Lycaenidae parasitoids from peninsular India with description of four new species of microgastrine wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) along with new insights on host relationships, Zootaxa 3827 (4), pp. 439-470: 453-455

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Apanteles folia Nixon


Apanteles folia Nixon 

Plates. IX. (Figs 32−34); XI (Figs 37−41); XIII (Figs 48−51); XIV (Figs 52−53).

Brief diagnosis. Female with reddish yellow hind tibia, infuscate on apical third. Face coarsely punctuate, much duller and rugose near antennal insertions. Mesopleuron coarsely punctuate, sculpture merging into vague striations on the depressed posterior part. Tegulae dark brown to black. Fore wing with stigma pallid with brown border. Propodeum strongly areolate; the dorsal areas dull, rugose and contrast sharply with shining smooth posterior fields. Hind coxa dull, rugose and punctate dorsally. First tergite as wide as long, rugose; little bulged just below midline; tapering at apex. Ovipositor sheath as long as first segment of hind tarsus.

PLATE IX. Apanteles folia Nixon  . Figs 32−34. 32 —Habitus. 33 — Mesosoma  (partially). 34 —Propodeum (partially) & mediotergites 1−2.

Host. Tajuria cippus (Fabricius)  on Dendrophthoe falcate  (L.f.) Ettingsh (Fig. 39); Rathinda amor  on host plant Ixora brachiata  ( Rubiaceae  ) (Fig. 52), Arhopala amantes Hewitson  on Lagerstroemia speciosa  L. (Fig. 68), and Spindasis vulcanus (Fabricius)  on the host plant Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.  (Fig. 74).

Material examined. Two females, INDIA, Karnataka, Bangalore, 27.xi. 2012, coll. Ashok Sengupta, ex. larva of Tajuria cippus (Fabricius)  ( Lepidoptera  : Lycaenidae  ) on Dendrophthoe falcate  (L.f.) Ettingsh, NBAII /Brac/ Apan/ folia  / 271112; one female, Maharashtra, Nagla Block, 01.iv. 2013, coll. Sarang Mhatre, ex. larva of Rathinda amor  ( Lepidoptera  : Lycaenidae  ) on Ixora brachiata  ( Rubiaceae  ), NBAII /Brac/Apan/ folia  / 10613; 12 females and males on card; Karnataka, Ganganhalli, 12.viii. 2011, ex. Arhopala amantes Hewitson  , coll. Mallesh, NBAII /Bra/ Mic/Apan/fol/ 12811; one female and male, 28.v. 12, Vasai fort, Maharashta, coll. Paresh V. Churi, ex. Spindasis vulcanus (Fabricius)  ( Lepidoptera  : Lycaenidae  ) on the host plant Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.  , NBAII /Bra/Mic/ Apan/fol/ 28512.