Pagrus africanus Akazaki, 1962

Edwards, A. J., Gill, A. C. & Abohweyere, P. O., 2003, A revision of F. R. Irvine’s Ghanaian marine fishes in the collections of The Natural History Museum, London, Journal of Natural History 37 (18), pp. 2213-2267: 2246

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Pagrus africanus Akazaki, 1962


Pagrus africanus Akazaki, 1962  

Irvine name. Pagrus pagrus (Linnaeus)   . Misidentification.

Reference material. Locality?, November (?) 1930 (Irvine 127)— BMNH 1932.2.27.9 (one: 214 mm SL); Accra (?), January 1939 (Irvine 400)— BMNH 1939.7.12.26 (one: 248 mm SL)   .

Distribution. West African coast from Senegal to Angola (Quéro et al., 1990).

On average about 2000 tonnes of Pagrus   , much of which is probably this and the next species, are caught in the region each year ( FAO, 2000).