Aphelenchoides arachidis Bos, 1977, Bos, 1977

Sánchez-Monge, Alcides, Flores, Lorena, Salazar, Luis, Hockland, Sue & Bert, Wim, 2015, An updated list of the plants associated with plant-parasitic Aphelenchoides (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) and its implications for plant-parasitism within this genus, Zootaxa 4013 (2), pp. 207-224: 211

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Aphelenchoides arachidis Bos, 1977


Aphelenchoides arachidis Bos, 1977  

A. arachidis   was found in Arachis hypogagea   L. ( Fabaceae Lindl.   ) ( Minton & Baujard 1990) as an endoparasite of groundnut testa in Nigeria ( Bos 1977 a) and more recently in Egypt and South Africa ( Montasser et al. 2008, Lesufi et al. 2015). Although the symptoms have only been described on Arachis   , roots of some Poaceae Barnhart   species ( Oryza sativa   L., Saccharum officinarum   L., Sorghum   sp., Pennisetum glaucum   (L.) R. Br. and Zea mays   L.) had high quantities of this species and were reported as hosts ( Bos 1977 b, CABI 2010, Escuer & Bello 2000). This nematode was also found on roots of non-specified wild grasses ( Bos 1977 b, CABI 2010). According to Bos (1977 b) two biotypes, one on cereals and the other on cereals and groundnuts, may be occurring in fields.


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