Leptomantispa Hoffman

Hoffman, Kevin M., Oliver S. Flint, Jr. & Perez-Gelabert, Daniel E., 2017, The Mantispidae of the West Indies with special reference to the Dominican Republic (Neuroptera: Mantispidae), Insecta Mundi 2017 (559), pp. 1-15: 5

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Leptomantispa Hoffman


Genus Leptomantispa Hoffman  

This genus, as the other Antillean genera, is limited to the New World. With the description of 2 species herein, it will contain 12 described species ( Hoffman 2002, Machado and Rafael 2010, Ardila- Camacho and García 2015). The immatures of Leptomantispa pulchella (Banks)   have been associated with 21 spider species in 6 families that are generally non web building wanderers on foliage ( Hoffman and Brushwein 1989, 1992). The first instars are obligate spider boarders ( Hoffman and Brushwein 1989).