Zeugomantispa Hoffman

Hoffman, Kevin M., Oliver S. Flint, Jr. & Perez-Gelabert, Daniel E., 2017, The Mantispidae of the West Indies with special reference to the Dominican Republic (Neuroptera: Mantispidae), Insecta Mundi 2017 (559), pp. 1-15: 10

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Zeugomantispa Hoffman


Genus Zeugomantispa Hoffman  

This is a small, exclusively New World, genus of three species. They are found in the United States east of the 100th Meridian and south to Cuba and Hispaniola in the Antilles, and throughout Central America and South America well into Argentina. The genus is easily recognized by the protuberant bases of the pronotal setae. The immatures of Zeugomantispa minuta (Fabricius)   are associated with many spider species, including several web-building species, belonging to 14 families ( Hoffman and Brushwein 1992). The first instar larvae of Z. minuta   are obligate egg sac penetrators and are able to orient toward isolated egg sacs from a distance ( Redborg and Macleod 1985).