Plumolepilius andersoni Barrios-Izás, 2020

Barrios-Izás, Manuel A., 2020, Taxonomy of the weevil genus Plumolepilius Barrios-Izás & Anderson (Coleoptera Curculionidae: Molytinae: Conotrachelini): new species from Central America, Zootaxa 4768 (2), pp. 151-192 : 155-156

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4768.2.1

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Plumolepilius andersoni Barrios-Izás

sp. nov.

Plumolepilius andersoni Barrios-Izás , new species

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Diagnosis: Male. Length (1.63–1.94 mm). Width (1.06–1.25 mm). As for P. hectori but cuticle brown, rostrum and legs orange, antenna yellow; rostral scales almost reaching antennal insertions, frons less sunken between eyes, humeri produced, hind femoral spine inconspicuous. Pedon elongate, subparallel, slightly wider at apex; temones large and thin; 1.8x longer than pedon, anterior genital sclerite Y-shape, bilobed, posterior genital sclerite curved plate.

Female. Length (1.56–1.88 mm). Width (0.94–1.25 mm). As for the male except differs by the rounded humeri and bare rostrum.

Geographic Distribution. Costa Rica (San José and Puntarenas) and Panamá (Chiriquí).

Derivation of the specific name. Patronym, after Robert S. Anderson, a weevil systematist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.

Material examined: 16♂♂, 10♀♀ ( ASUCOB, BMNH, CMNC, MNCR, USNM). Holotype ♂ ( MNCR): COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Valle de Silencio, Bajando Cerro Hoffman, 2307m, 82°56’36” W 09°04’41” N, 26-27.II.2005, R. Anderson, mixed oak forest litter / Holotype ♂ Plumolepilius andersoni Barrios-Izás sp. nov. Aedeagus extracted. Paratypes: Same data as holotype (2♀♀, CMNC). Same data except for Bajando Cerro Quemado, 2202m, 82°59’01” W 09°03’43” N, 27.II.2005 (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). COSTA RICA: San Jose, km 117 Pan-Am Hwy, 19km.N.San Isidro 09°28’N 83°42’20”W, 1800m, 20.VI.1997, R.S. Anderson, cloud for. litter 97-021 (1♂, CMNC). Same data except for 25.VI.1997, 97-035C (1♀, MNCR). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Est. Biol. Las Alturas. 8°57’N 82°52’W. 1550m forest litter, 27-29 March 2002. A. Cline (1♀, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Est. Biol. Las Alturas, 2km.N.E. Alturas, 1520m, 08°56’56”N 82°50’01”W,, R. Anderson, upper montane/cloud forest trans. litter 98-104H (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 10.VII.1999, 99-126D (1♀, BMNH). PANAMA: Chiriqui, 5.6km.N.Boquete, La Culebra Trail, 1450m, 15-19.VI.1996, J.Ashe & R.Brooks, FIT,#176 (1♂, CMNC). PANAMA: Chiriqui, 12km.N.E. Santa Clara Cerro Pando, 8°54.74’N 82°43.29’W, 1850m, 96-139B, 18.VI.1996, R.Anderson oak forest litter (1♂, CMNC). PANAMA: Chiriqui, P. Nac. Volcan Baru, 11.0km W. Boquete, 2150m, 18.VI.1995 -33H, R.S. Anderson, mixed oak for. litt. (1♂, CMNC). PANAMA: Chiriqui, 30.7 km W. Volcan, Hartmann’s Finca, 1800m, 16.VI.1995 -28F, R.S.Anderson, mixed oak for. litt. (1♂ 1♀), CMNC. Same data except for 1450m, 14.VI.1995 -24E, wet mont trop.for. litt. (1♂, ASUCOB). PANAMA: Chiriqui, 5.6km.N. Boquete La Culebra Trail, 1450m, 19.VI.1996, R.Anderson, 96- 141B oak forest litter (1♂, USNM). COSTA RICA. Puntarenas, Zona Protectora Las Tablas, 0.5 km. N. Las Alturas, 1500-2000m, 8°56’N, 82°50’W, 27.v.2007, M.G. Branstetter, MGB-528, primary premonate rain forest leaf litter / WWD0128599 (1♂, CMNC), WWD0128486 (1♂, CMNC). COSTA RICA. Puntarenas, La Amistad International Park, nr. Casa Coca, 4 km N.E. Altamira Biological Station, 9°04’N, 83°00’W, 1900m, 31.v.2007, M.G. Branstetter, MGB-582, primary premonate forest leaf litter / WWD0128160 (1♂, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Altamira Biological Station, Sendero de los Gigantes de Bosque, 9°02’N 83°01’W, 1400m,, M.G. Branstetter, MGB- 588, primary premontane rain forest litter / WWD0122656 (1♂, CMNC), WWD0122651 (1♂, CMNC), WWD0128012 (1♂, CMNC), WWD0122678 (1♂, BMNH), WWD0128041 (1♀, ASUCOB), WWD 0127881 (1♀, USNM).


Museo Nacional de Costa Rica


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

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