Plumolepilius obrienorum Barrios-Izás, 2020

Barrios-Izás, Manuel A., 2020, Taxonomy of the weevil genus Plumolepilius Barrios-Izás & Anderson (Coleoptera Curculionidae: Molytinae: Conotrachelini): new species from Central America, Zootaxa 4768 (2), pp. 151-192 : 181-183

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4768.2.1

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Plumolepilius obrienorum Barrios-Izás

sp. nov.

Plumolepilius obrienorum Barrios-Izás , new species

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Diagnosis: Male. Length (0.81–1.81 mm). Width (1.00– 1.31 mm). Subovate, cuticle orange, elytra dorsum yellowish. Vestiture of recumbent ochreous and brown scales, mesanepisternum and mesepimeron bare, pronotum and elytra flanks almost bare. Rostrum, antenna and scrobes as in P. velizi . Pronotum oval, transverse, annulate anteriorly, deeply punctate, two lateral vittae of ochreous scales, spot of ochreous scales medially at base, other scales brown, postocular lobes conspicuous, vibrissae present. Elytra with humeri sharply produced, scales condensed at humeri, punctate-striate, punctures deep, wide and bare, scales only on interstices, tubercles absent. Abdominal ventrites punctate and squamose, ventrites 3 and 4 together as wide as ventrite 2, apex of abdominal ventrite 5 with few setae and smooth, rounded. Metanepisternal suture swollen. Femora armed with small spine, tibiae uncinate, front coxae with plumose scales. Pedon short, curved in lateral view, apex lobed; temones 3.4X longer than pedon; genital sclerite triangular, slightly bifurcated at base.

Female. Length (1.44–1.69 mm). Width (0.94–1.19 mm). As for the male except cuticle brown, antenna yellow, rostral scales only at base of rostrum, not reaching antennal insertion, punctures shallower than in males, humeri rounded, femora spines not distinguishable, abdominal ventrites completely punctate and setose.

Geographic Distribution. Costa Rica (Guanacaste and Puntarenas).

Derivation of the specific name. Patronym, named after Charles W. O’Brien (deceased) and Lois O’Brien, weevil and fulgorid taxonomists from Arizona in the United States of America.

Material examined. 57♂♂, 32♀♀ ( ASUCOB, CMNC, MNCR, BMNH, USNM, ICZ). Holotype ♂ ( MNCR): COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, Guanacaste Cons. Area, Cacao Field Station, 1150m, 15.II.1996 -014, R. Anderson, wet montane forest litter / Holotype ♂ Plumolepilius obrienorum Barrios-Izás sp. nov. Aedeagus extracted. Paratypes: same data as holotype (9♂♂ 3♀♀, CMNC, 2♂♂, MNCR). Same data except for 1000m (1♂). Same data ex- cept for 1200m, 12.II.1996 -006 (2♂♂ 2♀♀, CMNC, 1♂ 1♀, BMNH). Same data except for 1250m, 20.II.1996 -023 (3♂♂ 2♀♀). COSTA RICA: Guanacaste. Guanacaste Cons. Area, Cacao Field Station, 1100m, 4.V.1995, R. Ander- son., mont. Hardwood-cloud for. litt. berl. (17♂♂ 9♀♀, CMNC, 2♂♂ 2♀♀, ASUCOB, 1♂ 1♀, BMNH, 2♂♂ 2♀♀, MNCR, 2♂♂ 2♀♀, USNM). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Monteverde, 1500m, 23-27.II.1991, H. & A. Howden / Berlesed leaf litter (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). COSTA RICA: PUNTARENAS, Monteverde, Estacion Biologica Monteverde, 10°19’40”N 84°49’08”W, 1540m, 9.VI.2001, montane forest litter 2001-101 (2♂♂, CMNC). Same data except for 11.VI.2001, 2001-106 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 12.VI.2001, 2001-108 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 15.VI.2001, 2001-115 (1♂, CMNC). Same data except for 16.VI.2001, 2001-117 (4♂♂ 1♀, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Monte Verde Biol. Sta. 1540m, 10°19.672N 84°49.141W, 10-17.VI.2001, S.&J.Peck, ex. Cloud forest f.i.t, S&JP 2001-9 (1♂, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, 5km.S.W. Est. Biol. Las Cruces, 1400m, 08°47’13”N 82°59’13”W,, R. Anderson, wet cloud forest litter, 98-110 (1♂ 3♀♀, CMNC). Same data except for 1425m, 08°46’59”N 82°59’18”W, 98-108 (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, Guanacaste Cons. Area, Maritza Field Station, 875m, 17.II.1996 -019, R. Anderson, dry-tropical wet montane forest trans. litter (1♂, CMNC). COSTA RICA: Puntarenas, Monte Verde, 1280m, 14 May 1989, J. Ashe, R. Brooks, R. Leschen, es., berlese (1♂, CMNC). COSTA RICA. Puntarenas, Altamira Biological Station, Sendero de los Gigantes del Bosque, 9 02’N, 83 01’W, 1400m,, M.G. Branstetter, MGB-588, primary premonate rain forest leaf litter (1 male) / WWD0128110 (1♂, CMNC).


Museo Nacional de Costa Rica


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

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