Plumolepilius maesi Barrios-Izás, 2020

Barrios-Izás, Manuel A., 2020, Taxonomy of the weevil genus Plumolepilius Barrios-Izás & Anderson (Coleoptera Curculionidae: Molytinae: Conotrachelini): new species from Central America, Zootaxa 4768 (2), pp. 151-192 : 171

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4768.2.1

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Plumolepilius maesi Barrios-Izás

sp. nov.

Plumolepilius maesi Barrios-Izás , new species

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Diagnosis: Male. Length (1.44–2.13 mm). Width (0.81–1.81 mm). As for P. guaimacaensis but scales from appressed to suberect. Scales covering from head to basal 1/3 of rostrum before antennal insertion, scape as long as desmomeres 1 to 4 together, desmomeres 1 and 2 longer than desmomeres 3 to 7, desmomere 2 slightly longer than desmomere 1, funiculus and antennal club setose. Pronotum subquadrate, 1.2X wider than long. Elytra with two small tubercles in interstice 4 at base of elytral declivity. Mesoventrite not excavated. Abdominal ventrite 1 2X longer than abdominal ventrite 2, fused at disk, abdominal ventrite 5 sparsely covered with setae, two slightly developed protuberances apicad. Anterior femora armed with spine at inner margin. Pedon subparallel, narrower between first and second quarter; temones 2.8X longer than pedon, genital sclerite short, parallel though its length except for basal extreme which widens conically.

Female. Length (1.62–2.19 mm). Width (0.87–1.19 mm). As for the male except rostral scales only at base, elytra lacking tubercles.

Geographic Distribution. Nicaragua ( Granada).

Derivation of the specific name. Patronym, named after Jean-Michel Maes, an entomologist at Museo Entomológico, Nicaragua.

Material examined: 24♂♂, 26♀♀ ( ASUCOB, BMNH, CMNC, USNM). Holotype ♂ ( CMNC): NICARA- GUA: Granada, Res. Nat. Volcan Mombacho, 1150m 11°50.05’N 85°58.83’W, 1-5-VI-2002, R.Brooks, Z. Falin, S.Chatzimanolis ex.flight, intercept trap / Holotype ♂ Plumolepilius maesi Barrios-Izás sp. nov. Aedeagus extracted. Paratypes: Same data as holotype (6♂♂ 7♀♀, CMNC, 1♂ 1♀, ASUCOB, 1♂ 1♀, BMNH, 1♂ 1♀, USNM). NICA- RAGUA: Granada, Volcan Mombacho Res. Nat. 1150m, 11°50.0’N 85°58.8’W, 2-5.VI.2002, R. Anderson, ex. elfin cloud forest beating. RSA 2002-034X (5♂♂ 7♀♀, 1♂ 1♀, ASUCOB). NICARAGUA: Granada, Volcan Mombacho, 15.xii.1997, 1115 m, malaise trap, J.M. Maes (1♂, CMNC). NICARAGUA: Granada, Volcan Mombacho, bosque enano, 18.viii.1998, malaise trap, J.M. Maes (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). Samed data except for 15.x.1998 (1♂, CMNC). Same data except for Bosque nuboso 3, 30.ix.1998 (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). NICARAGUA: Granada, Res. Nat. Volcán Mombacho, 1150m 11°50.05’N 85°58.83’W, 1-5.VI.2002, R.Brooks, Z.Falin, & S.Chatzimanolis, ex.f.i.t.,#190 (2♂♂ 2♀♀, CMNC). NICARAGUA: Granada, Reserva Domitilia, 100m 11°42.50’N 85°57.20’W, 6-9-VI-2002, R.Brooks, Z.Falin, S.Chatzimanolis ex. flight intercept trap, N1C1BFC02 255 (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). NICARAGUA: Grenada,. Volcan Mombacho Res. Nat. N 11°50.0’ W 85°58.8’, 1150 m, elfin cloud forest litter, 2-5.VI.2002, R. Anderson, RSA 2002-033 (1♂ 1♀, CMNC). NICARAGUA: Grenada, Volcan Mombacho, 10.6km SSW Grenada, 1150m, 11.83430°N 85.98000°W, 14 Oct 2008, M.G. Branstetter, cloud forest, MGB-1170 (2♀♀, CMNC).


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

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