Dasyrhicnoessa insularis ( Aldrich, 1931 )

Munari, Lorenzo, Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H. & Mcgregor, Gillian K., 2020, The beach flies of the Mascarene Islands (Diptera: Canacidae: Tethininae), Zootaxa 4853 (2), pp. 183-198 : 192-193

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4853.2.2

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Dasyrhicnoessa insularis ( Aldrich, 1931 )


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Distribution. Afrotropical: Cameroon, Madagascar, Mascarenes ( La Réunion *, Mauritius *, Rodrigues *), Nigeria, Seychelles ( Mahé), Sierra Leone. Australasian/Oceanian: American Samoa (Tutuila), Australia (Queensland), Austral Islands, Bismarck Islands (Dyaul), Canton Island, Caroline Islands (Ponhpei, Chuuk, Yap, Palau), Fiji Islands (Ovalau, Suva, Vanua Balavu, Viti Levu),? French Polynesia (Society Islands: Moorea), Hawaii (French Frigate Shoals, Hawaii, Hilo, Kahoolawe, Kauai, Lisiansky, Maui, Midway Atoll, Molokai, Oahu, Pearl and Hermes Reef), Kiribati (Butaritari, Makin, Eita, Tarawa, Abemama), Line Islands (Christmas), Mariana Islands (Saipan, Tinian), Marquesas (Hivaoa, Nuku Hiva), Marshall Islands (Majuro, Japtan, Parry, Lib, Jibu, Jaluit, Namorik), Palmyra Island, Pitcairn Island, Rapa Island, Society Islands (Bora Bora, Raiatea, Tahiti), Vanuatu (Erromanga, Aneityum), Wake Island. Nearctic: Bermuda, United States (Florida). Neotropical: Bahamas (South Bimini), Belize, Brazil (Ceará, Paraná, São Paulo), Mexico (Tabasco), West Indies ( Cuba, Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent). Oriental: Chagos, Indonesia (Sulawesi, Ternate).

Material examined (all “A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & B.S. Muller, sweeping intertidal zone and coastal vegetation”, unless otherwise stated). La Réunion: 1♀, Grande Anse , 21°22′17″S, 55°33′00″E, 26.x.2015 GoogleMaps , 0–12 m, M.J. Ebejer, general sweeping; secondary forest, intertidal rocks & coral beach (deposited MJEC) ; 1♂, St.-Louis, Rivière St.-Étienne , 21°17′54″S, 55°24′07″E, 0–9 m, 18.x.2015 GoogleMaps , M.J. Ebejer, general sweeping; intertidal rocks & vegetated gravel plain (deposited MJEC); 1♀, St.-Pierre, Pointe de Pont , 21°20′51″S, 55°28′52″E, 0–6 m, sweeping intertidal rocks and coral beach, 13.xi.2015 GoogleMaps , A.H. Kirk Spriggs. Mauritius: 14♂, 11♀, Black River, Le Morne Brabant , 20°27′32″S, 57°19′42″E, 1–3 m, 28.i.2018 (1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 63♂, 35♀, Black River, Petite Case Noyale , 20°24′23″S, 57°22′10″E, 1–3 m, 28.i.2018 (2♂ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 3♂, 4♀, Black River, Tamarin , 20°19′41″S, 57°22′33″E, 1–3 m, 28.i.2018 GoogleMaps ; 23♂, 86♀, Grand Port, Grand Sable , 20°19′12″S, 57°46′12″E, 1–3 m, 27.i.2018 (2♂, 1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 8♂, 8♀, Grand Port, Pointe d’Esny , 20°25′28″S, 57°43′22″E, 1–3 m, 27.i.2018 (1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 4♂, 4♀, Grand Port, Vieux Grand Port, 20°22′23″S, 57°42′48″E, 1–3 m, 27.i.2018 (1♂ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 4♂, 1♀, Pamplemousses, Le Goulet , 20°06′14″S, 57°31′02″E, 1–3 m, 30.i.2018 GoogleMaps ; 9♂, 12♀, Pamplemousses, Tombeau Bay , 20°08′00″S, 57°29′54″E, 1–3 m, 30.i.2018 (1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 2♀, Pamplemousses, Trou aux Biches, 20°02′36″S, 57°32′14″E, 1–3 m, 29–30.i.2018 GoogleMaps ; 2♂, 6♀, Rivière du Rempart, Pointe des Lascars , 20°05′14″S, 57°42′26″E, 1–3 m, 31.i.2018 GoogleMaps ; 5♂, 3♀, Savanne, Bel Ombre , 20°30′00″S, 57°23′34″E, 1 m, sweeping coastal rocks and sandy beach, 11.xii.2016 (1♂ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 3♂, 2♀, Savanne, Bel Ombre , 20°29′32″S, 57°22′42″E, 1–3 m, 26.i.2018 GoogleMaps ; 2♀, Savanne, Riambel , 20°31′09″S, 57°30′25″E, 1–3 m, 26.i.2018 GoogleMaps . Rodrigues: 2♂, 2♀, Anse aux Anglais , 19°40′15″S, 63°26′19″E, 1–3 m, 10.ii.2018 (1♂, 1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 2♀, Anse Mourouk , 19°44′23″S, 63°27′53″E, 1–3 m, 10.ii.2018 GoogleMaps ; 15♂, 11♀, Baie du Nord , 19°42′33″S, 63°22′20″E, 1–3 m, 9.ii.2018 (1♀ deposited LMC) GoogleMaps ; 1♀, Île Michel , 19°44′43″S, 63°24′13″E, 1–3 m, 10.ii.2018 GoogleMaps ; 2♀, Plaine Corail , 19°46′05″S, 63°22′36″E, 1–3 m, 9.ii.2018 GoogleMaps (all deposited BMSA, unless otherwise stated).

Comments: A common pantropical beach fly. In this species the colour of the thorax often exhibits strong variation. The following range of variation has been observed in specimens from different world sites: mesonotum entirely yellow to blackish, sometimes scutum dark brown and scutellum yellow only at margin; in a few cases, scutum dark brown and scutellum predominantly yellow. Though rather infrequent, some transitional forms occur in formerly studied specimens ( Munari 2002). The above is not corroborated by the material from the Mascarenes, which does not exhibit significant variation in mesonotal colour, the yellow or sometimes yellowish fulvous colours being invariably present, to a greater or lesser extent on the scutum. Similar to other Indo-Pacific congeners, the posteroventral armature of the male mid femur is formed of a long row of regular, spine-like setae, gently decreasing in size towards the apex of the femur.













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