Jataiba cognata, Burckhardt & Queiroz, 2020

Burckhardt, Daniel & Queiroz, Dalva L., 2020, Neotropical jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera, Psylloidea) associated with plants of the tribe Detarieae (Leguminosae, Detarioideae), Zootaxa 4733 (1), pp. 1-73 : 27

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4733.1.1

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Jataiba cognata

sp. nov.

Jataiba cognata sp. nov.

( Figs 80, 88, 89 View FIGURES 78–95 )

LSID: urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act:55B77721-5757-400A-BE33-B01EA0BCDDBB

Material examined. Holotype ♂, Brazil: AM, Manaus , Embrapa campus, km29 on AM010 , -2.8917/8923 -59.9533/9800, 90– 100m, 13.x.2015 (E.S. Figueiredo) ( UFPR, in 70% ethanol).

Description. Adult. Colouration similar to Jataiba uncigera sp. nov. with dark colour more expanded.

Structure. Vertex with big and flattened anteorbital tubercles. Genal processes 0.9 times as long as vertex along midline, adpressed medially. Antenna 4.3 times as long as head width. Forewing 2.2 times as long as head width, 2.1 times as long as broad; pterostigma moderately short, narrow at base; cell cu 1 0.9 times higher than wide; surface spinules much reduced, present only in apical half of cell r 1, and around the radular areas in the middle of cells r 2, m 1, m 2 and cu 1, and in cell cu 2 leaving broad spinule-free stripes along the veins. Metatibia 0.6 times as long as head width. Terminalia as in Figs 80, 88, 89 View FIGURES 78–95 . Male proctiger 0.3 times as head width, lacking narrow posterior lobes basally but distinctly produced and rounded. Paramere lamellar, irregularly subparallel; with one slightly forward directed sclerotised tooth near apex towards the rear; inner surface sparsely covered in long setae, denser and thicker around apex. Aedeagus 2-segmented; distal portion strongly expanded apically, bearing a sclerotised bar in the middle on either side; sclerotised end tube of ductus ejaculatorius large, curved, originating in apical half of segment, apex not reaching base of segment. Female unknown.

Measurements (in mm) and ratios (1 ♂). Head width 0.98; antenna length 4.26; forewing length 2.20; male proctiger length 0.34; paramere length 0.26; length of distal segment of aedeagus 0.24.

Fifth instar immature unknown.

Etymology. Adjective, feminine form. From Latin cognatus = related, similar, referring to the morphological similarity and putative close phylogenetic relationship to J. incisa .

Distribution. Brazil (AM).

Host plant, biology and habitat. Unknown, probably a species of Copaifera .

Comments. Jataiba cognata differs from other copaiba psyllids as indicated in the key. It is a member of the J. uncigera -group and differs from the other species of this group in the broader paramere. It shares the apically strongly expanded aedeagus with J. cearensis and J. uncigera from which it differs in the shorter sclerotised end tube of the ductus ejaculatorius ending in the middle of the segment rather than reaching the base.


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