Chordeiles texensis, (LAWRENCE, 1856)

Sigurðsson, Snorri & Cracraft, Joel, 2014, Deciphering the diversity and history of New World nightjars (Aves: Caprimulgidae) using molecular phylogenetics, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 170 (3), pp. 506-545: 540-541

publication ID 10.1111/zoj.12109

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Chordeiles texensis




Previously Chordeiles acutipennis texensis   . It is elevated to full species status and is the sister species of Chordeiles acutipennis Hermann, 1783   .


Chordeiles texensis   is similar morphologically to C. acutipennis   , but is noticeably larger in size and paler in plumage, although C. a. littoralis and C. a. micromeris are somewhat intermediate in size between C. texensis   and the remaining subspecies of C. acutipennis   . Both ND2 and ACO1 I9 show genetic divergence between C. texensis   and C. acutipennis   , with over 2% divergence in ND2 sequences and 14 homologous substitution events.


Genetic evidence in this study supports the elevation of C. a. texensis   to full species status ( Fig. 4 View Figure 4 ). The other six subspecies of C. acutipennis   remain as members of that species. Further study of the system is recommended, in particular regarding the status of C. a. littoralis and C. a. micromeris.