Polygala longeracemosa H. Perrier

Wahlert, Gregory A., Phillipson, Peter B. & Schatz, George E., 2013, Lectotypifications and a new combination in Polygala L. (Polygalaceae) from Madagascar, Candollea 68 (2), pp. 313-315: 313-314

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http://doi.org/ 10.15553/c2013v682a17



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Polygala longeracemosa H. Perrier


1. Polygala longeracemosa H. Perrier  

in Bull. Trimestriel Acad. Malgache ser. 2, 14: 9. 1932.

Lectotypus (designated here [second step]): MADAGASCAR. Prov. Toliara: Bassin supérieur du Mandrare (SE): Mont Amboahangy prÈs d’Esira , [24°15’S 46°39’E], 1000- 1150 m, 25.XI.1928, fl., Humbert 6830 ( P [ P00375348]!; GoogleMaps   isolecto-: P [ P00375346, P00375347]!) (Lectotype [first step] designated by PAIVA, 1998: 258). GoogleMaps   Paralectotypus: MADAGASCAR.Prov. Toliara: Massif de Beampingaratra (SE): Mont Papanga , versant NW, c. 1200 m, 3-4.XI.1928, fl. &fr., Humbert 6405 ( P [ P00375343]!;   isoparalecto-: P [P00375344, P00375345]!).  

Observations. – PAIVA (1998) cited Humbert 6830 (P) as the holotype of the name P. longeracemosa   and effected lectotypification in accordance with the ICBN (MCNEILL & al., 2012, Arts. 9.2, 9.11). However, the gathering of Humbert 6830 at P consists of three specimens. Consequently, we designate the sheet [P00375348] as the [second-step] lectotype as allowed under Art. 9.17 because it is the most complete specimen and the label was annotated with the word “type” in Perrier’s hand.

Distribution and habitat. – Polygala longeracemosa   is distributed in the mountains of southeastern Madagascar, including the massifs of Andohahela, Kalambatritra and Ivakoany and on the Horombe Plateau at elevations from 900- 1750 m. The species occurs in secondary or degraded grasslands, ericoid shrublands, and forests edges, usually in rocky areas ( Fig. 1 View Fig ).

Conservation status. – Polygala longeracemosa   is known from 13 locations and subpopulations, four of which are situated in Protected Areas (Andohahela National Park and Kalambatritra Special Reserve), but with a somewhat restricted Area of Occupancy (minimum of 140 km 2) and Extent of Occurrence (c. 14,000 km 2), it is assigned apreliminary conservation status of “Near Threatened” (NT).

Additional material examined. – MADAGASCAR. Prov. Fianarantsoa: Iakora, Begogo , Bekora , forêt de Sahalava au S du village d’Androizaha, 23°32’09”S 46°32’21”E, 1404 m, 27.I.2005, fl. & fr., Andrianjafy & al. 704 ( MO!, P [ P06241680, P06241681]!). GoogleMaps   Prov. Toliara: Betroka, Ivahona, Mt. Kalambatritra , forêt d’Analamaro, 23°27’38”S 46°24’40”E, 1540 m, 6.XI 2005, fl., Andrianjafy & al. 536 ( MO!, P [ P02998108]!); GoogleMaps   Ampandrandava, [24°05’S 45°42’E], [900 m], s.d., fl. & fr., Herb. Jardin Bot. Tananarive 6276 ( P [ P06241 View Materials 684]!); GoogleMaps   Massif du Kalambatritra ( Centre-Sud ), [23°22’S 46°29’E], 1600-1750 m, XI.1933, fl, Humbert 11772 ( BR, G!, K!, MO!, P [ P03008170, P06241683]!, PRE, TAN, WAG); haute GoogleMaps   vallée de la Manambolo , affluent de l’Ionaivo, [24°30’S, 46°35’E], 900-1100 m, XI.1933, fl. & fr., Humbert 12132 ( P [ P06241678]!); GoogleMaps   Massif de l’Ivakoany , [23°50’30”S, 46°26’E], 1250 m, XI-XII.1933, fl. & fr., Humbert 12253 ( P [ P06241685]!); GoogleMaps   Vallée de la Sakamalio , affluent de la Manambolo, bassin du Mandrare, [24°32’S 46°41’E], 900- 1100 m, XII.1933, fl., Humbert 13412 ( P [ P06241677]!); GoogleMaps   Massif de l’Andohahela , 1700 m, I.1934, fl., Humbert 13673 ( P [ P06241675]!);   Horombe, 1300 m, V.1919, fl., Perrier de la Bâthie 12680 (P [ P03008 View Materials 169]!);   Mt. Trafonaomby , parcelle I d’Andohahela RNI, 24°33’S, 46°43’E, 1000-1957 m, 7.IV.1994, fl., Randriamampionona 752 ( P [ P02998110]!); GoogleMaps   Forêt de Befarafara , Kalambatritra AP , 23°24’44”S 46°27’58”E, 1575 m, 26.V.2005, fl., Razakamalala & al. 2046 ( MO!, P [ P02998109]!, TAN!); GoogleMaps   à l’E d’Ampandrandava , entre Bekily et Tsivory, vers la source de la Menakompy, [24°07’S 45°48’E], 1000- 1200 m, IV.1943, fl. & fr., Seyrig 646 ( P [ P06241679]!). GoogleMaps