Brasilodopsis, Almeida & Higuti & Ferreira & Martens, 2021

Almeida, Nadiny Martins de, Higuti, Janet, Ferreira, Vitor Góis & Martens, Koen, 2021, A new tribe, two new genera and three new species of Cypridopsinae (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Cyprididae) from Brazil, European Journal of Taxonomy 762, pp. 1-48 : 5-6

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2021.762.1451

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gen. nov.

Brasilodopsis gen. nov.

Type species

Brasilodopsis baiabonita gen. et sp. nov. (here described and designated).

Other species

Brasilodopsis amazonica gen. et sp. nov. (here described).


The name of the new genus is a contraction of ‘ Brasilo ’, after Brazil, the country from which it is here described, and ‘ dopsis ’, referring to the stem of Cypridopsis .


Cp sub-triangular in lateral view, with LV mildly overlapping RV along all sides. LV anteriorly, ventrally and posteriorly with a well-developed, largely inwardly displaced inner list, anteriorly with a submarginal selvage. RV anteriorly with submarginal inner list, posteriorly with one inner list and a marginal selvage. A2 with natatory setae well-developed, reaching well beyond the end claws. T 1 in female with two short setae a; seta d present in female, absent in male; setae b absent in both sexes. T2 with one short seta d2, seta d1 absent. T3 distally with incompletely developed pincer organ, fourth segment fused with third segment. CR in female with cylindrical base.

Differential diagnosis

Brasilodopsis gen. nov. belongs to the cypridopsine genera where the LV overlaps the RV; only six other genera belong to that group (see Table 1 View Table 1 ). The new genus differs from Austrocypridopsis McKenzie, 1982 , Cavernocypris Hartmann, 1964 and Pseudocypridopsis Karanovic, 1999 by the long natatory setae on the A2 (short to very short in the other three genera). It further differs from Austrocypridopsis in the shape of the base of the CR, (triangular in Austrocypridopsis , cylindrical in Brasilodopsis gen. nov.) and in the shape of the valves in lateral view (rectangular in Austrocypridopsis ). Cavernocypris also has a triangular base of the CR and furthermore lacks all inner lists and selvages on both valves, while the T1 has a seta b (missing in Brasilodopsis gen. nov.). Pseudocypridopsis also lacks inner lists and selvages; while the CR is missing in both males and females. Brasilodopsis gen. nov. further differs from Cypridopsis s. str. Brady, 1867 by the general shape of the Cp (much broader in dorsal view in Cypridopsis ), while the posteroventral inner list in the LV does not run (sub-)parallel to the valve margin in this latter genus (it does so in Brasilodopsis gen. nov.), while the anterior inner list in this valve runs less than halfway the anterior valve margin (all the way to the dorsal margin in Brasilodopsis gen. nov.). The base of the CR in Cypridopsis is triangular, while it is elongated in Brasilodopsis gen. nov. Neocypridopsis Klie, 1940 has a very different shape of the Cp (rather high and swollen in dorsal view), but more importantly has the fourth segment of the T3 separate from the third segment, much like in Candonidae . Tungucypridopsis Victor, 1983 , finally, is ill-described which makes a comparison with the present new genus difficult. It appears to lack the inner lists on both valves, which are moreover much larger than in Brasilodopsis gen. nov. (0.6 mm versus 0.4 mm – see Table 2 View Table 2 ).

Cyprettadopsis Savatenalinton, 2020 (placed in a separate tribe by this author) has a similar valve shape, including inner lists, but has (incomplete) marginal septae and a series of large ventral pores along the outer lists, which are both absent in Brasilodopsis gen. nov., while the T3 also has a separate fourth segment (fused into an incomplete pincer in Brasilodopsis gen. nov.).

Table 1. Present list of tribes and genera in the subfamily Cypridopsinae Kaufmann, 1900. New tribe and new genera here described are in bold.

Tribe Cypridopsini Kaufmann, 1900
Genera with species with RV overlapping LV
Bryocypris Røen, 1956
Kapcypridopsis McKenzie, 1977
Klieopsis Martens et al., 1991
Martenscypridopsis Karanovic & Pesce, 2000
Plesiocypridopsis Rome, 1965
Sarscypridopsis McKenzie, 1977
Siamopsis Savatenalinton, 2017
Tanganyikacypridopsis Martens, 1985
Thermopsis Külköylüoğlu et al., 2003
Genera with species with LV overlapping RV
Austrocypridopsis McKenzie, 1982
Brasilodopsis gen. nov.
Cavernocypris Hartmann, 1964
Cypridopsis Brady, 1867
Neocypridopsis Klie, 1940
Pseudocypridopsis Karanovic, 1999
Tungucypridopsis Victor, 1983
Tribe Paranadopsinae trib. nov.
Paranadopsis gen. nov.
Tribe Potamocypridini Ghetti & McKenzie, 1981
Potamocypris Brady, 1870
Tribe Zonocypridini Higuti & Martens, 2012
Cabelodopsis Higuti & Martens, 2012
Thaicypridopsis Savatenalinton, 2018
Zonocypris G.W. Müller, 1898













Almeida, Nadiny Martins de, Higuti, Janet, Ferreira, Vitor Góis & Martens, Koen 2021

Brasilodopsis amazonica

Almeida & Higuti & Ferreira & Martens 2021
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