Deltorhinum genieri,

Montoya-Molina, Santiago & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Notes on the taxonomy of Deltorhinum Harold 1869 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) with description of a new speciesı updated identi fication key and the transfer of D. robustum to Ateuchus, Journal of Natural History 53 (13), pp. 749-760: 753-754

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2019.1606359

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Deltorhinum genieri

sp. nov.

Deltorhinum genieri  sp. nov.

( Figures 2View Figure 2 (a – d)ı 3(d – fık) and 5(a))


Differs from the other species of the group by the following characters. Eyes largerı longer than wideı always visible in dorsal view. Cephalic carina rounded anteriorly. Punctation of the pronotal medial sulcus shallow on the anterior edge. Differs also in the length of the parameres of the aedeagus. Apical plates of the internal sac also different.


Holotype male. Black or reddish brown. Body length 7.5 mm. Head punctation on medial disc fineı simple and well delimited. Clypeus weakly upturnedı lateral clypeal margin marginate concave and continuous without modificationı displaying microsculpture on deeper part of the concavity. Margin reaching genae and delimiting lateral apical margins of eyes. Genae angulate laterally. Cephalic carina indistinctly arcuate in dorsal viewı rounded; anteromedial portion feebly lower than lateral portions. Eyes longer than wideı distinct in dorsal view. Pronotal medial disc finely punctate. Anterior portion of pronotum modifiedı with a lobate structure. Lobe flattened anteriorly with shallow punctures. Pronotum medial sulcus distinctı fainted at anterior edge. Lateromedial fossae distinct in dorsal and lateral views. Posterior margin displaying wider punctures organised in a single rowı anteromedial edge exhibiting denser punctation. Lateromedial fossae shallowı clearly visible in dorsal view. Metasternal lateral edges rugose. Medial disc smooth and shiny. Elytra wider than pronotum. Surface of elytral interstriae regular and smoothı finely punctate. Striae fine and with microsculpturedı striae punctation rounded and wider than their own marginı being wider and deeper on elytral declivityı punctation separated by three times diameter of a puncture on the elytral disc. Last striae shorter and curved dorsally. Epipleura border with fine microsculpture. Legs profemora clearly carinate anteriorly. Pygidium finely punctateı smooth and shiny.

Aedeagus length: 2.2 mm. Phallobase 1.46 mmı approximately twice length of parameres (0.76 mm). Parameres curved and widely separated apicallyı curved inner borders. Apex rounded. Other characters of the aedeagus and the sclerites of the internal sac as represented in ( Figure 3View Figure 3 (d – fık)).


This species is externally very similar to the Guyanean D. guyanensis  ı separated mainly by characters of male genitalia. Phallobase length: 1.45 mmı parameres length: 0.91 mm. Parameres curved and barely separated apicallyı straight inner borders. Apex acute. ( Figure 3View Figure 3 (g – iıl)).

Etymology. D. genieri  sp. nov. is named after François Génierı great scientists who contributed to the study on Scarabaeinae and this genus worldwide.

Type material

Holotype. male at CEMT labelled: BRAZIL: Pará. Belém. VI-1985. coll. N.Degallier {whiteı p} ( Figure 2View Figure 2 (a – d))  ; Paratype male at CEMT labelled: Bresil (= BRAZIL): Altamira . V-1985. coll. Degallier {whiteı p}; Paratype female at CEMT labelled: BRASIL: Paráı Santarémı FloNa Tapajosı Rodovia Santarém-Cuiabáı Km83ı Base Pesquisa INPAı ix  . 2016ı F França {whiteı p};  Paratype female at CEMT labelled: BRASIL: Amazonas AM 010 ı km  . 26 Reserva Ducke I-VIII-1978 {whiteı phw}/ EMERGENCE PITFALL TRAP 2 A {whiteı hw}/ CEMT CUIABÁ00059637 {white with black marginsı p};  Paratype female at CEMT labelled:  BRASIL: Amazonas Reserva Ducke 2A km. 26 NE Manaus VII-18-1978 B.C. Ratcliffe {whiteı phw}/DELTORRHINUM BATESI HAR det. B.C. Ratcliffe 1978{white with black marginsı phw}/ CEMT CUIABÁ00059636 {white with black marginsı p  }.