Singilis (s. str.) somalicus, Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2016

Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2016, Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Singilis Rambur, 1837 of Africa (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini). Part IV, Zootaxa 4158 (2), pp. 183-202: 196-197

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Singilis (s. str.) somalicus

sp. n.

Singilis (s. str.) somalicus  sp. n.

( Figs. 14View FIGURES 13 – 18, 24View FIGURES 22 – 24)

Type material. SOMALIA: Holotype ♂ " Somalia : Saraar Plain | 19 km E Waridaad | 9°17 N— 46°27' E | J. Miskell, 16.V.1979 ", " Coll. Mus. Tervuren | don. J. Miskell | Coll. P. Basilewsky" ( MRAC)GoogleMaps  .

Diagnosis. It is easely diagnosable by elytral pattern, black in apical two thirds of the length ( Fig. 14View FIGURES 13 – 18).

Description. Length 5.5 mm. Red-brown, except black apical two thirds of elytra and blakish abdominal sterna.

Head with irregular punctation and with strong isodiametric microsculpture; punctures confluent near eyes, separated by 1–5 their diameters on the frons and vertex. Eyes moderately large and bulging.

Pronotum 1.3 times as wide as head, 1.5 times as wide as long, widest at midlength. Anterior margin straight, anterior angles effaced, sides regularly rounded, not sinuate before rectangular posterior angles. Disc punctate, weakly wavy rugose near anterior margin. Punctation coarse and irregular, punctures larger than on head; on the sides of disc sometimes confluent. Lateral margin flat, explanate in basal half. Basal grooves indistinct, flat. Microsculpture strong, irregular, slightly transverse on disc.

Elytra shiny, subovate, 1.44 times as long as wide, widest just behind middle, with weak, polygonal microsculpture. Striae deep, narrow and finely punctate at base, impunctate elsewhere. Intervals almost flat, only at base slightly convex.

Claws with 5 teeth. Abdominal sterna shiny, with short setae. Propleuron, mes- and metepisterna smooth.

Aedeagus ( Fig. 29View FIGURES 29 – 33). Aedeagal median lobe stout, eudorsal surface slightly curved, apex long and downturned. Internal sac with three sclerotized microtrichial patches, composed of small spicules.

Name derivation. The name refers to the country where the type serie has been collected.

Distribution. Somalia.


Mus�e Royal de l�Afrique Centrale